Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lots of great news!

Miss K turned 2 today! I can't believe where the last 2 years went. Actually I can't believe how much she changed and grew in just one year. She loves to help Nana clean up after making a cake ;O).
She calls Sugar Pie "Ja Ja" and was pointing at her pony tails every five minutes telling me she looks like Ja Ja. She Loves her Auntie Ja Ja.

Loves getting her picture taken.

Love the color combo on Miss K's cake.

I adore this picture. Miss K get a new guitar for her birthday..she called it her
Ohhh the wonderment in those eyes.

Sugar Pie at the local China Adopt halloween party. She wore her little ladybug costume again. It won't fit next year so we'll enjoy one more year of it. It's super fleece and warm.
Cake I made for a little one's birthday. I love the colors!
Today we finally after a year had Sugar Pie dedicated. We were waiting for the right time and other things got in the way. It was actually perfect timing because it was the perfect time to announce that we would love prayer coverage while we begin the process of adopting our second child!!!!! Yes! WE ARE ADOPTING AGAIN!!!!! We knew all along we would.
We started the paper chase back in August and are just waiting on one more document before sending it off for ministry approval then translation!
I'll blog more about it later. I started a blog but need to do some work on it so perhaps I'll copy and paste the previous posts to get everyone caught up. WE ARE SO EXCITED!


3D said...

Such wonderful things going on!!

Keep smilin!

Cora said...

Miss K is so stinkin' cute in piggies. Great job on her cake I love it.
So happy to hear the adoption news and the dedication, too!!

Hugs, Cora

a Tonggu Momma said...

Birthdays and dedications and adoptions, oh my! Congrats on all y'alls wonderful news.

The Drinkwaters said...

Congratulations! How wonderful! I hope your last document comes in quickly so you can receive your provincial approval and send the dossier off to China!

We are leaving in 12 days to bring home Sylvie's new sister. It is so exciting to be traveling back again so soon. We can't wait to be a family of four.

Adrian Roberta said...

wow! You'll have to pm me (Roberta) we may be at the same place in the process. Who knows mabie we'll travel in the same group. So excited for you!

Chris, Tammy and the gang! said...

So thrilled for you guys! I knew you would adopt again after experiencing how amazing it was the first time! So happy for you guys and can't wait to follow along on your new blog!!!

Madeleine said...

She is so darn cute, actually both of them.

Sheesh how do you not spend all day kissing them cheeks??

I am so happy for your news! I can't tell you how much joy that brings to my heart.

Maybe we will get our daughters about the same time! !Kind of like last time, sort of, lol.

Is that your sister behind you in the dedication picture? Because if she is not, she should be.

Kennedy and Jaida's mom said...

Congratulations to your entire family. It's going to be amazing to see one more addition to your already beautiful family. Can't wait to follow you all along!
Carolyn, Marvin and girls

Kim said...

Love Miss K...
The cake is adorable..
And love the photo of the church.. that wooden cross is forever etched in my mind along with the basket..
I love it..
Love you and glad I can open my mouth now on my nephew..

Special K said...

Both of your girls are beautiful. Can't believe how big K has gotten!

Your cakes....gorgeous!

And congrats on your 2nd adoption. Hard to believe you're working on #2 already when June 06 is still waiting. Crazy ridiculous. Thank goodness you switched tracks. :)

Lesa said...

What a lot of good news in this post!

Congrats on your 2nd adoption!!!

Yes, Miss K sure has changed but oh so cute!!!!!

Briana's Mom said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet grand button!

And congratulations on adoption number 2 - that is the most amazing news!

Marie-Claude said...

Congratulations on the 2nd adoption! So happy for you and your family. I will keep you in my prayers.


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

Wow, how wonderful. Can't wait to hear all about it.


Learning Together at Home said...

How exciting! Congratulations on bringing home your newest addition! We are just a smidge ahead in paperwork (just now DTC), but with the way things proceed, perhaps we will see each other in China. :)

Shionge said...

Hiya :D It has been awhile since I visited and it is heartening and so happy to see how much they have grown and indeed time flies.

You are both amazing to be adopting again......good luck and yes, can't wait to hear more too.

Best wishes always :D

geminirn said...

Big Hugs from across the waters