Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A barrel of fun times!

I only posted a few pics of the parade...there were tons of floats.

I like this float because...Call me a rebel or what ever you want but I really like graffiti if it's done well and legally...we have a legal graffiti wall in our city and it's amazing what talent these kids have.
Watching the parade with my daddy!

Bud the Spud! PEI is well known for it's potatoes. They are soooo yummy covered in butter , sour cream or mustard pickles!

Sugar Pie sending a special smile out for Kim! We have lots of fun things planned for he when she comes! 1 Week from tomorrow! Yay!!!!!!!!!!

This cake was for one of the youth in our youth group...sweet 16 Shelby!
At youth group this week we are having a water balloon fight/Kraft Dinner/Ice cream Sundays night....I'm so pumped! It's going to be soooo fun! (after I make the dozen boxes of KD that is.) LOL. I hope I can handle being in the kitchen long enough in this heat!

Regis and Kelly are live here on PEI this week. I haven't tuned in to see it yet but I'll catch the next couple of episodes.


Kim said...

Parade looks like it was sooo fun..
LOVE the cake.. very cute. .but then all your cakes are AMAZING..
LOVE the photo of Sugar..
And I am SOOOOO EXCITED to see you guys and have soo much fun..
7 more days... WHOOOOO HOOOOOO

Shionge said...

Great cheery colourful fun out there and the cake is so beautiful and too nice to look at that I don't think I'll eat it ;D

Have a great weekend Debz !