Sunday, June 06, 2010

Sugar & Spice and a little slice?? LOL.

Just thought I would share a couple of pics of the cake I made for a little girls baptism. It turned out really good. I added a keepsake hairclip to the ribbon I wrapped around it! Ironic thing was she called yesterday before coming to pick up the cake and asked if I had any hair clippies for babies :O)!
I have an order for a second cake on the 26th of June for a 15 year old.....better get my thinking cap on and get creative! I'm feeling a little extreme and gutsy with this one because she said I could do whatever I want!


Kim said...

love it..
You go girly.. you will be doing hair,clippies,tarts and cakes.. you can do EVERYTHING..
love you ..

Lesa said...

Who needs to do hair when you can do cakes!!! That turned out Awesome! I can't wait to see the next one.

Mrs. K. Gillis said...

That is a BEAUTIFUL cake!!! I just love it. You have more creativity in your pinky finger than I have in my whole body! I'm wracking my brain for an event that I can get you to do a cake for me!! Fabulous!

Kathy G.

Mike and Rhonda said... need of a Mickey Mouse cake on Aug 7th. Do you ship to the States?

Seriously, that cake is beautiful! I cannot even ice a cake so I am very very impressed.

Cora said...

Awesome cake!. If you get clippies for babies let me know I have a bald niece that needs some bows!!!

Kristy said...

DEBZ!!!!! that is awesome and just breathtaking!!!! you are incredible!!!!

Love, Kristy

Madeleine said...

This is FANTASTIC!!!!

Maybe there is a new career on the horizon?? I have a friend ( the one who did my daughter's wedding cake) who thought she would do this for fun, and now it is her career. lol.

Too bad you don't live in this area, where people pay serious money for cakes like this!

Good job. :)

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

If I need a cake... I am calling you :) What an awesome cake :) Shauna's 1st birthday cake was 30 cupcakes that was made to look like a slab... it turned out great... take care