Wednesday, June 09, 2010

just a little blurp...

My 2 favorite little people. ;O)
I was so excited that I got Miss K's hair in piggy tails! She and Jac came over for a play date today. Miss K was a bit tired so they didn't stay as long as they would have liked but it was still awesome to spend some time with them. We went for a nice long walk, played out on the play set and blew big bubbles for them to chase. If it's nice over the weekend hopefully we'll have them over so Miss K can play in the sandbox.

I made my first Red Velvet pound cake last night and it turned out awesome! I'm going to make a few more and try my hand at a topsy turvy fondant cake. Dr. Seuss style. Gutsy aren't I? I have a good reason to celebrate with one......Friday that just past was the one year anniversary since we got our referral for Sugar. I can hardly believe it was that long ago. The time is going by so fast.....isn't that a great reason to eat cake! Yes, yes it is.

Sugar Pie and I went to the race track to practice walking up stairs this morning (practicing for the school steps, she's nervous on them...) and while we were there a few of the horses were out with their riders pacing on the track. Sugar found it very entertaining that the horses were taking the grown up boys for a ride in strollers. I couldn't stop laughing when she said that! She's so darn cute!

Like my garden? Ok it's not mine, it's a pic I took at the entrance of Summer Palace when we were in China. The elephant was covered in flowers, little plastic ones but with the carpet of real flowers around it, it was stunning. I loved it. My flower beds are all newly mulched with Red Cedar and my trees are all trimmed and blooming like crazy. The weather has been cool lately but tomorrow and the rest of the weekend are sounding very promising. Hoping to get some beach time in. Shane is going to rotor the veggie garden this weekend so at some point I'm going to get my garden gloves on again. Looking forward to seeing how Sugar enjoys seeing the veggies grow. She is so inquisitive, it will be very educational for her.


Madeleine said...

:::gasping:: you are gardening this late in the season???

Oh wait, It may not be late for you up there.

Stollers. They are SO precious!!! We have a friend of the family who is in a wheelchair. Elly is fascinated by it and calls it Mrs. G's big stroller. And we can't get her to call it anything else. lol

yAy! on the referral/ cake eating!! I can't believe next month will be our 6th month anniversary of our Gotcha Day!!

And the girls are cute. Almost not fair. :)

Kim said...

Sounds like you are having a great week.
Can't wait to see the cake.. you are AMAZING..
I am sooo ready to come out there and relax and have fun with the girls..
Have a great weekend..
Love you girly..

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

I am impressed! What recipe did you us for the red velvet!

the weather here this weekend is cool. It feels like fall!


kerri said...

Love the picture of the girls, Miss K is getting so big!!
I am planting some things this weekend too, little slow getting to it. I just now that Charlie is going to have a hey day helping me, LOL!!
Your cakes are truly stunning, what a creative, talented lady you are!!