Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lots of pics! Awesome Weekend!

Ok, first thing I want to say is HELLO to Neenah, Wisconsin!! Not sure who visits my humble little blog from there but thanks for visiting faithfully ;O). Say hello sometime!

Friday we went to Shining Waters Park in Cavendish. It's a great park for the little ones. We got a season pass so we will be back lots this summer. We started out the day with a picnic then I told Sugar I had a surprise for her. We went inside the park gate and she was speechless! All she could do was jump and squeal!
She got the map, followed the path to the wooden bridge and walked up to the castle and guess who she felt like? Yup! Dora the Explorer! We had a blast and she just couldn't get enough of the place. It gave me such pleasure to see her little eyes light up each time we went on to something new. Wait til she sees Disney someday!!! There were a couple of things we didn't take part in that were just not suitable (Witches Cave and Rum Runner dude) but we pretty much covered everything else including this house called the Topsy Turvy House that from the outside looks normal til you get inside and the floor leans sideways , you walk down the hall and see the rooms on a slant....I had to carry Sugar and let me tell you it does a number on your equilibrium!!! I thought I was going to loose my lunch! I don't know how I did almost every ride in Universal Studios and Disney! Whew! I took tons of pictures so Sugar will always remember her first trip to a Theme Park. I'll post just a few.
This was a skeeter she got from the magic show. She kept trying to educate me as to where the skeeter keeps the "Bluuuud". ;O)

Ok I have to confess, I haven't watched much Dora but I did finally figured out why she would see a fox and call it an "old Man"...I knew she knew the fox on Dora was called Swiper but why did she insist on saying "old Man"...then I watched it with her one day and every time Swiper got caught swiping he would say "Oh Man" now I know. ;O)

After the park we came home and got ready for the Garden Birthday party. I made flower cookies for the kids so we brought them with us. The kids played and then they painted flower pots, had birthday snacks and cake then the flower pots were dry so they planted a flower in them.

Saturday I finished decorating a cake that a friend of mine ordered for her daughter. It was the most fun and coolest cake I've made so far. Miss P is 15 years old and one of the wisest youth I know. She stands firm in her faith and I totally admire her steadfastness.

I made her cake 3 tiers, the bottom cake was vanilla, to signify the Lord Jesus who came to earth as a man to walk with us being a perfect example of love, purity, humility, grace and so much more. The middle cake was a red velvet cake to symbolize the blood He shed for us. The top cake was a blue Chiffon to symbolize our Heavenly eternity if we have accepted Him into our hearts. The outside is super colorful because when I think of Miss P she has so many beautiful colors (giftings) and is such a pleasure to be around, she is a delight to look at inside and out. The words all around the cake are the 9 fruits of the spirit that are found in Galatians. The Inukshuks that are on the cake are a reminder of the mission trip that she went on last September. She has a pastoring heart and she truly left a big part of her heart there with all those who's lives were touched by her. She continues to keep in touch with some of the youth and children she met there.

We had to go out to the campground to bring her her cake and that meant traveling on some dirt roads...I don't know how the heck the Cake Boss does this!!! Transporting this cake was wrecking my nerves!!! But alas we got it there! And Miss P "LOVED" it...that made me very happy! We had a BBQ and it rained cats and dogs for a was a tight fit getting 20 something people in a camper. I'll just say it was very intimate! LOL. Loved the sun that came out afterwards though, it was one of those perfect rain showers that stopped and dried up really fast.
We came home and had a really sleepy girl on our hands.

Today at church we had family day then we went out for dinner, we took Sugar to Nanny and Grampy's and then for the first time since BC (before "Anne and Gilbert" (shhhh I'm an Islander and it was my first time seeing it.....) We loved it! It was just nice to get out and enjoy each other.
Now was that the perfect weekend or what! I believe it was. Blessings on your week everyone!


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

I can hardly stand how talented you are! those cookies and those perfect cakes! Oh my gosh!


Madeleine said...

Oh she is so adorable!!

I'm so glad yo posted so many pictures of her & her life!

And her hairbows are so darn cute!!!!!

What a great weekend, inspite of the rain. But it was great because it was spent with loved ones. :)

Dawn and Dale said...

I wish I lived closer to you!!! I'd totally buy my cakes from you! They may have survived the transfer on the gravel roads but I doubt they'd arrive the transfer across the country!! lol ;o)

Kim said...

OMW... YOU go girly....
You are AMAZING..
I don't know how you do it..LOVE the photos..
Looks like you are having way to much fun..