Friday, June 25, 2010

Dis and Dat

*Here is the picture of the cake we made for Fathers Day. Posted better late than never ;O). He loved it! I think this one was my favorite so far.

*Sugar is invited to a Garden Party Birthday tomorrow, She's pretty excited about it! I am too actually, I have been preoccupied the last couple of days with a bunch of things and she isn't used to me not giving her my undivided attention so this party will be a fun way to make it up to her.

*Hoping to get to "Shining Waters Park" tomorrow to get a family season pass. It's a great little park for younger children. I think she will like the petting zoo best. She loves animals! I haven't been there yet myself but they only opened 3-4 years ago and I had to reason to I do ;O)

*Sugar's drawing shapes, and letters by memory now! She prints up to the letter K with very little help. If I describe how to draw a letter she is able to follow direction easily. The very first word she wrote was "God" which is cool because the first clear English word she spoke was Amen! ;O) Pastor Sugar Pie he he.

*My Hunny comes home tomorrow from a weeks work in Winnipeg . He wasn't far from where people were feeling the effects of a tornado from Wednesday. He hasn't travelled out of the Maritimes for work in a long time so it will be nice to have him back home safe and sound.

*My Uncle Franky passed away last week, it was sudden. He was in a house fire and the smoke inhalation took his life. If you ever wondered what social justice looked like you would just have to watch my Uncle Franky in action. He was always helping someone, bringing a meal or a coffee to a homeless person, collecting mattresses for shelters, or just offering a hand to help someone when they needed an extra set of hands. He was the man who would not blink an eye to taking the shirt off his back for someone who he felt needed it more than him. He was a very kind hearted man and everyone in the community knew him. I'll always remember his smile...he had my Grammy;s smiling eyes. Love you Uncle Franky, Rest in Peace.

*My nephew Colby graduated this week! Gosh one day your changing their diaper and boom! He sure has grown. It's tough being a teen these days, but my sweet nephew has a good head on his shoulders, he is going to do just fine I think, with only enough hiccups along the way to lead him back on the straight and narrow. Congrats Colby!! You did it!

*My Moms birthday is this coming Monday...the big 61! She totally doesn't look her age. I know she would say she felt older ;O). She lives about an hour away and for years we have been trying to get her to move closer and finally she decided to. The house was listed today. Bless my sister's heart for having the time off this summer to help out. We'll work on getting her down here before September hopefully and Lord willing.

*Kim will be here in 4 weeks! I have to work on planing our week!! We'll have to hold our plans loose in our hands for any outdoor things we will do. Outdoor activities are usually weather permitting here on PEI. Pray for a beautiful week! I hope to get her to a dinner theater in town called "Eh?"'s a comedy about Canadians and Americans...we'll have a good laugh there. 3D will be meeting up with us at some point too! I could fill her week up with TONS of things but we'll play it by ear....I think she's very deserving of some just quiet down time for a change too. A step away from the everyday if you will. Hopefully she will find it a very relaxing retreat.

* Enjoy your weekend everyone!


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

so sorry to hear about your uncle.

Enjoy your weekend my friend. Kim will love PEI and especially you!


Madeleine said...

Ah Deb! I think you have found your new calling.

Those cakes are stunning. The one that you made for the chinese school!! STUNNING!! I mean, they keep getting better all the time!

I don't know what your career is, but seriously, you need to think maybe you have a new calling.

I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle. Sometimes we don't understand how the 'good ones' go, and sometimes in such a hard way. But then we remember God knows the time and the hour, before we were ever born. And we have to let HIM be GOD. But it still doesn't make it easy to say good bye. My condolencenses to you all.

Question: How big IS PEI? I was always under the impression that it was like Martha's Vineyard. Now I have feeling that I am wrong. lol. I pray you and your friend have a beautiful time together!! How exciting!!

Lesa said...

Debz, I am so sorry to hear about your loss.

You are so right, your mom doesn't look her age.

Love the cake!

Have a great weekend!!

Kristy said...

Im sorry for you loss Debz. That cake is awesome and I hope Sugar has an incredible time......we will want to see pictures!!

Love and blessings, Kristy

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