Monday, May 03, 2010

Over Due Post

Our neighbors have a rabbitry/small kritter business and they have been asking us to come over so finally we got there last week. Sugar Pie fell in love with the rabbits and wanted to hold every single one. I haven't seen so many different rabbits in one place in my life! This little white one she is holding was like a cotton ball!

This little guy was so sweet, I loved his chocolate brown markings. There was a black and white one too that reminded me of our Midgie kitty.

They thought for fun they would see if they could hatch some eggs. Our neighbor said they got 10 eggs and his wife and daughter would wake up bright and early and go out to the garage and turn the eggs. 9 out of the 10 hatched. Sugar thought they were pretty cute. They also have turtles......which leads me to another subject all together.....we have had wonderful friends and family drop off meals to help out as I heal and one day one of our friends showed up with "Turkey Noodle Soup".....this was the day after we went to see the animals....when I told Sugar Pie it was "Turkey Noodle Soup" she looked at it and looked at me and said with a disapproved look on her face "Turtle Noodle soup?" Too funny!
I just have to show you these! I made thank you cards for all the wonderful people who made us a meal. Aren't they adorable! LOVE my Cricut! I made both of our Mom's Mother's day cards too.

My Sissy wanted to make a Boston Bruins cake for the sweet gentleman who she rents a room from, he has been a wonderful friend, a great help and she wanted to thank him for all he does so we made this for him last night. I love how the stitching on the hat makes it look so real! Gary visits my blog often he has a huge heart for people, HI GARY! I hope you enjoy your cake! We had a lot of fun making it! I put my signature "Callie Bug" ladybug under the peak!

I couldn't make only one Boston cake knowing one of my hunny's best friends loves them too so this one was for him. He was teasing one day and said he wouldn't turn away a Boston Bruins cake if I was ever so inclined....I told him I have a rule, if I make a cake I have to put my signature "Callie Bug" on it and he said that wouldn't be a problem. So there you go Eddy and Gary now cheer them on and make them win! Oh and enjoy your cake. :o)
I still have a post to do that Kim tagged me on, I'll work on it soon. My surgery was 3 weeks ago yesterday and I'm healing wonderfully, only a few stitches left to dissolve. Still pretty tender but doing great. Sugar Pie had her "Early Years Assessment" last week and I felt she did very well. They had a hard time getting her to sit on the chair and a few things she wasn't yet familiar with. I told the lady who was doing the assessment that she has only been in Canada for 7 months and she was pleasantly surprised. She made a note of that at the bottom of the exam in case they questioned some of her skills. I can't believe this, I feel like I'm sending my 7 month old to kindergarten!! :o(
Happy Mothers Day Everyone!!! This Mother's day is going to look so much different than the last few for me!!!!! FINALLY!!!!


Lori Howatt said...

I LOVE reading your blog! Its my soap opera!......and I"m not just sayin cause Im your sissy...

Makin the cake was so much fun, especially the "bloopers"....tee heee..

Kim said...

OMW.... those animals are toooo cute..
Love it..
And the Thank you cards are tooo cute..
YOU are soooo AMAZING..
I am sorry I haven't been around..sooo busy here..
I can't wait to see what cake I have.
SOOO cannot wait till July..

Kim said...

Happy Mother's Day my friend..
YOU are an AMAZING Mommy and Best Friend anyone could ask for..
Love you BIG..

a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh, I just love those cards! Great to hear an update from y'all. Happy Mother's Day!

Kristy said...

You are an incredible lady !!!!!! And so so talented!!

Love you BIG, Kristy

Shionge said...

Hey I must say the cards you made are gorgeous and original.....very very pretty indeed.

You know what Debz...we do have turtle soup here and it is a herbal soup which is a tonic and it helps to heal & strengthen one's body :D Hope i didn't frigthen you

Shionge said...

Oh..I forget..>happy Mother's day to you :D

Anonymous said...

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Shannon said...

Oh what a fun time! Sugar must have had a ball! Those cards and cakes are amazing. YOU are amazing. Keep healing. =)