Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Sugar Pie!

I can't believe our little Sugar Pie turns 5 tomorrow....seems like yesterday we got our referral and she was 4 years and 1 month. She has been with us for almost 8 months now. I marvel at how she has bloomed and blossomed since then. Happy Birthday sweety! I can't imagine our lives without you in it. We love you soooo much!
When she first came home she was developmentally likened to a 3 year old. I'm certain to a point she regressed and allowed us to baby her. This is an amazing way to bond with most toddlers. She needed to go threw the motions to find a security there. We went from 5 months of her waking up 15-20 times a night for a pee or just a hug to know we were still there to now going to bed without a hiccup and sleeping straight threw for 12 hours.I was beginning to think it had something to do with her post op. SB but it was just a little tiny bladder and a nervous little girl. I slept most of that time on the floor beside her bed just so that Daddy wouldn't be disturbed and could get some sleep before having to go to work. She is 100% potty trained and was from day one but needed us to go help her wipe and pull up her pants, now she goes to the wash room without any help.
She is more comfortable at Church now and will go to Sunday school without Mommy. She has grown a full 3 inches and can now reach the sink, get up and down from the kitchen stools, get into the tub and our SUV without help. She can count to 12, say her ABC's, recognize the alphabet and numbers 1-10, she can print from A-G, whip a puzzle together in no time. She loves having a story read to her, coloring, and cooking or helping in the kitchen. She has basically gone from a 3 year old to a 5 year old in 8 short months.
Sometimes when she meets someone new they'll ask how her English is coming along and are surprised to hear that she doesn't speak Chinese at all any more. She speaks VERY clear English. I had to start spelling things out to Daddy so she wouldn't over hear us! (She has ears like a hawk!) I have her in Chinese school on Saturday mornings to try to keep her native language. She loves going but is still a little sceptical as to why Mommy and Daddy take her where there are people who look so much like her Nanny's from the orphanage. She is making headway though. Last Saturday she reached for the teachers hand and walked to the swing set.....normally when they would pay any attention to her she would run to me and hide her face in my arms so that was huge!
We're having her Birthday Party on Saturday at the Superstore Kitchen, they give each child the ingredients to make their very own pizza and while that is in the oven cooking they're each given a 8 inch chocolate cake to decorate! Sugar Pie loves going to cooking class on Thursdays there so it seemed like the best plan for her big day. They also supply a birthday cake (Slab or Cupcakes) so I don't have to do anything that day but show up! It wouldn't seem right to NOT make her a fondant covered cake since it's one of my new passions so we'll make one to have here at home. I'll post a picture f it after it's done.
So if the weather is fit I think we'll go on a couple of adventures tomorrow. Not sure what we'll do but we'll think of something to make the day extra special. I went on the hunt last week for a picnic basket and finally found one so perhaps we'll pack it and set out from there. I'm thinking there will be some sand in our travels. I'll pack the camera too!
I'll try to do an update on how her party went as soon as I can! And yes I still have to work on a post of the top 10 things love. (I just can't narrow it down to only 10!) But I will....soon!
Congrats to Kristy, Frank and family on the referral of their sweet Franceskas!


3D said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!

Keep smilin!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh, happy birthday to your sweet girl! And I am so very glad she's becoming more comfortable at church... that took us a good long while!

redmaryjanes said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

Kayce said...

Happy Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!

Kim said...

Happy 5th Birthday Sweet Girl..
I sooo cannot wait till July and read books,,, color,, and play with you ..
Love you BIG>.

Iris said...

Happy Happy Day Jazmyn.

Madeleine said...

What a beautiful post.

She has grown in leaps and bounds with your love.

And now she is 5. As you well know...DON'T BLINK!!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl.

Sherri said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl!!

Pug Mama said...

Happy 5th birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike and Rhonda said...

Happy Birthday sweet baby girl!

OziMum said...

Good grief!!! Five? Already?!!! Where did that time go?!!!!

Absolutely love the photo of J. She is just cute as a button!!!

Its utterly incredible to watch your children grow and develop, isn't it? I can't get over how quickly Tari has picked things up!