Monday, March 29, 2010

Pre Easter Post

Sugar in her new blue dress. I think we have 4 frilly satin dresses now! Her "Print-test" dresses ;O). She has a purple one, red, yellow and now blue....and if I find a really cute pink one or green one they will be coming home too! She is such a cutie in blue.

I can't wait to get her and Miss K in their matching dresses I got them for Easter. They're pink, black and white with a little matching doll dress for each one. It's so much fun dressing little girls up and watching them prance like little princesses.
The two things I LOVE about this picture are:
1. I got all of Sugar's hair up in ONE pokie tail!!!!! Barely but FINALLY!!!!
2. She put her crocks on and said matter of factly..."Perfeck, I match...(looks over at my feet)....Mommy no match...." Ok who taught her anything about matching anyway...I'm the worst at trying to match my clothes! Boy am I in for it! She walked over to the window and said she was standing on her "Slipper Toes" to look outside. ;O)
I forgot to mention in my last post or so that we were featured in our local paper. I was expecting to see a little corner on a page but was shocked when I seen an entire full spread! A lady from the Guardian called and asked if I would be interested. She was initially interested in all the little hobbies I have but I knew once she got here her story would end up being about the inspiration of my creativity. My girls. She ended up writing about what a blessing Sugar is to us and how her life and our lives as a family have been changed and impacted with the adoption.

Daddy is coming home from work today, he had to work in Montreal this week so he flew out on Sunday. Sugar tells everyone that "Daddy went on da are-plane by he big gurl self"! ;O)

Jac and Miss K are coming over later to make Rice Crispy eggs dipped in colored chocolates then quintin's. I thought it would be an easy one for the little ones to help us out with. Then we'll boil and dye some eggs and draw faces on them for our annual egg cracking contest we have every Easter. I can't remember who was the Egg King/Queen last year. This is what we do, we each get a hard boiled egg and we go around the table trying to crack the other persons egg but keep you own intact. When you crack someones eetgg they are instantly eliminated from the game. Last one with an uncracked egg holds the Egg King/Queen title until the next year when they try to keep their status. It's fun and everyone always looks forward to it. We have been doing this for years. Do you have a family tradition at Easter?
I think Easter will be her most exciting first yet, she has a good understanding of the reason we celebrate it and is looking forward to the family coming over and of course the egg hunt part of it. I bought 3 really sweet books about Easter to help her grasp it. "My Very First Easter" by Juliet David, "Easter Story" by Heather Amery and Norman Young, and "ABCs of Easter" by Patricia Reeder Eubank.

Sounds like we might be in for a warm weekend! I might actually be able to hide eggs outside for the first time ever!

Showing off my opened rose that Sugar Pie brought home for me. I love the color.


Lesa said...

I just love her dress! Can't wait to see them in their matching ones. This is going to one fun Easter for us both!
That is wonderful that you got wonderful story in the newspaper....what a wonderful surprise.

Kim said...

LOVE the dress..
Can't wait to see the Easter dresses..
Sounds like you are doing well.
Love the pretty flower..
and the paper write up is amazing..
have a great time with your whole family together..
love ya..

The Drinkwaters said...

You're right, she looks great in blue. It is her signature color!

We are looking forward to coloring some eggs this weekend as well, and participating in an Easter egg hunt my Dad puts on for all the grandkids. This is the first year we are able to be apart of this with a child!

Since Sylvie is only two, I don't think she really understands what is going on, but I can't wait to see her eyes when she looks in her basket!

Shionge said...

Whoa!!! One full spread that is awesome Debz....I can see why :) You have inspired so many people and blessing to you my dear friend ;D

Madeleine said...

Oh she look s so beautiful in her blue dress. I agree, I think blue is her color!