Thursday, March 25, 2010


* Sugar Pie had another needle the other day, hopefully this is the last for a while. We're all caught up to date now.
*She's growing out of clothes so fast I can't keep up! She's grown another 3/4 of an inch which brings her to 2 3/4 inches since we came home 6 months ago..... today actually! I had Cora make her a pair of ruffle pants and a sweet outfit with ruffle pants and I'm going to cry if she grows out of them before the summer! She has a bubble butt so some pants fit her in the leg but when she bends down her butt surfaces ;O). So jeans are a little tricky.
*Today she got up on the stool at the counter all by herself! This is a big deal! I have to have surgery in two weeks and I'm not supposed to lift anything heavy so this will be a great help.
*I'm trying to teach her to walk up and down the steps with more control. She usually walks up or down a set of stairs with both feet on one step and I'm working on one foot per step. Her little legs were so short when she first came home it was impossible. When she goes down now she looks like she just got off a horse with the wide straddle! She still holds the handrail. Going up the steps she has much more control and can gain momentum by the third step while she pushes her hand on her knees for extra support. Today while we were at cooking class (it's upstairs at our local Superstore) she was able to walk up the steps without Mommy's hand at all. I think one day soon she is just going to take off all by herself with 100% confidence. I want her to have the confidence she will need to tackle steps before we send her off to kindergarten in our public school system. The school she'll be going to will have their class room on the ground floor but I still need to know she will be ok if there is a time they do need to go up stairs.
*My next thing after steps is to work on getting her to #2 all by her self. She still wants me to wipe her bum so in the next 6 months we have to get her to do that independently. I think her arms need to get longer though ;O). lol.
*She can reach the tap by herself now to wash her hands.
* Our little girl is growing up so fast! Developmentally she has aged about a year since she's come home. She is blooming leaps and bounds.
*I watched our China video last night and she was so small and looked so uncertain. Her countenance has totally changed since then.

* Sugar brought me home my first bouquet of flowers the other day. Melted my heart when she came in saying "Mommy, clothe er ouis, hath a prize fer you". She ripped them out of the paper they came in and her little face lit right up. Made me almost burst into tears. I might forget the flowers one day but I'll never forget the look on her face. It was priceless.
* I stuck this in for good measure...I made it for hubby just because. It was really yummy too!
*I'm sure there is more to update you on but I'll hold it for another post another day.

*Thank you to all of you who stop by to stay in touch with our little piece of blog land, I enjoy posting little updates and having you follow along. Thanks to all the lurkers who poke their nose up and say hi once in a while. If I thought no one was coming by anymore I would consider closing this chapter of our lives down but for now I'll keep you entertained. Take care friends and have an awesome weekend, we will be decorating for yet another first. Easter is going to be lots of fun this year if the snow stays away!


Kim said...

Sugar is toooo CUTE..
Love her smile.. I sooo cannot wait to see that smile in person...
Sounds like she is doing SOOOO WELL...
Love the cake and the flowers and I will always come by so as long as I am around you have to post.. that is the deal.. I will do the same..
Love ya tons..

Colleen said...

I love following your updates. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Deb:

I love your Blog. Pleas keep going. I cannot wait to see what your next post will be. Your Blog uplifts me more than you will ever realize, especially after a long or tough day at work.

Take care and God Bless Deb,


Sherri said...

Hey Deb,

Your little one is so so cute and everytime I see her in pictures, she get even more beautiful.


Madeleine said...

Oh the achievements are exciting!!! 6 months to kindergarten. wOw. Is it al full day kindergarten?

I love when you post pictures of her. She is so pretty. And she looks so happy.

And that speaks volumes.

Iris said...

love reading your posts but you know that already.

Alyson and Ford said...

Loved reading your update. We don't seem to make the time to post as often either.
She's adorable and growing fast! Hang onto her!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

Shionge said...

Hey Debz...we appreciate you sharing a part of your life journey with us...please don't stop :D

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

the cake is fab! and, i love hearing about you beautiful girl.