Saturday, March 13, 2010

"Making-Up-For-The-Years" Party

We weren't there for your 1st birthday, 2nd, 3rd or 4th, but know that you were in our hearts even though we didn't yet know you or how old you were. Today we celebrated the ones we missed with a "Making-up-for-the-years" party surrounded with loved ones. One day this will be documented in a life book that you can fondly look back on knowing that you were always in our hearts during those first 4 years and that we made up for lost time before your 5th birthday.
Oh Mommy! They are sooooo pretty!
The 4 pieces each have a special meaning.
*The 2006 one represents your 1st birthday, there is 1 gold cherry blossom on it for your age and the Kanji (Chinese and Japanese symbols) character stands for Spring, it was a new season for us in our lives when all things were new. We started the process to bring you home. It was a year filled with hope.
*The 2007 one for your 2nd birthday, with 2 gold cherry blossoms. The Kanji stands for Autumn because we were settling in for the wait, with paperwork done and a nursery that was ready for you.
*The 2008 one was for your 3rd birthday. The 3 cherry blossoms stood for your age. The Kanji meant winter because it was beginning to feel like we had been waiting forever but we held on to the faith that you would be with us soon.
*The 2009 one was the biggest cake, it was for your 4th birthday. The cherry blossoms stood for your age. The Kanji character stood for Summer. This was the year we became a family. We seen your face for the first time only 3 weeks after your 4th birthday.
So glad we could celebrate this before your 5th birthday, now we can say we celebrated all of your birthdays with you.
The caption for this last pic----"Mommy, Need to Pee"!!!!! LOL
I am not taking credit for making these cakes. I have a sweet friend at our church who has a business making cakes, I got her to make them for me. I wanted them professionally done because this little celebration means the world to us. I didn't even go to this much trouble for our wedding cake! The cakes were marble pound cake with strawberry cream icing under the Asian red fondant and in between the layers. She sealed the bottom of each one with gold ribbon which I plan on cleaning up and making a little hair bow as a memorabilia of her first birthday party(s) with her forever family.
Bless you Sugar, Mommy and Daddy love you so much!