Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lots a Sugar

I had so much fun making this cupcake cake! I wanted to make one to use as a header for my blog. The best part about a prop like this is a plate and a fork afterwards! Thank heavens Jac and I are walking the track!
This was the cupcake cake before pic.

Sugar went to her first "Little Hands Cooking Class" today and loved it. One of her bestest playmates was there too! They have it every Thursday so we will defiantly go back next week. Today they made a cucumber and tomato salad, fruit kabobs with low fat whip cream and Chocolate Chip Cookies. Sugar had a big dinner before we went then ate a ton at the cooking class, by the time we got home she was sound asleep with a full belly.

Sugar wanted to play with a puzzle the other day while I was doing something in the kitchen. I figured she would be calling me in to help...she didn't...look what I walked into...she did it all herself! I'm still in shock!
We got a letter in the mail from the Public Health nurse who will be doing an update on needles and her 4 year appraisal next week. There was a sheet with 4 shapes on it and another sheet that they ask you to cut out the shapes and get them to match them with the same shape....I think she needs something a little more challenging don't you?!

LOL, This was Sugar learning that you can't pick a puzzle up :o(.

Papa Bear, commercial break during the Olympics Woman's Hockey..... We won!
One of my friends just told me she was at Walmart and they announced the hockey and everyone in the store let out a big whooot!
We won the woman's bobsled competition last night, I was sooo excited, Heather Moyse is from our hometown. There are signs all over the city congratulating her! We are so proud!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE that cupcake cake.. you go girly.. you are doing a wonderful job.
pretty soon Sugar will be up there cooking and baking right along with you..
Love ya girly..

Lesa said...

You have been so dang creative. I don't seem to have time to be. Maybe one day things will settle in so I can, but I wouldn't want it any other way right now.
I absolutely love the cupcake cake!!!

kerri said...

Your so artistic and creative!!
Love your cupcake cake!
Sugar looked like she enjoyed her cooking class and good for her mastering that puzzle! :)

Kristy said...

I know !!! I watched that game and it was awesome!!!!
I posted a picture the other day of what Franceskas wall does say, but "Bloom where your planted" is great and I think it is going to go somewhere on her walls!!! We have the technology...I have a Cricut and I love it!!! I also love that cupcake, you are getting sooooo good!!! Ace of Cakes better watch out!!!! (do you watch that?) Ok gotta go, my bed is calling !

Love ya lady, Kristy

Red Sand said...

Goodness, just when I was swearing off sugar, I see masterpieces like this!