Sunday, February 21, 2010


* OK....this is my 3rd Fondant cake....someone stop me, I've gained 5 lbs playing with this adult Play Doe! But it's sooooo much fun!

*Planing a "Make-up-for-the-years" birthday party for Sugar Pie in March, we may have missed her actual last 4 birthdays but thought it would be really nice to celebrate them before her 5th birthday in May. I have a friend of mine who is a "Professional" Cake artist and she is going to make 4 cakes, one for each year. I requested red fondant with gold and black for the trim and lettering. I just have to figure out what I want on each cake. It will be so nice for Sugar to have pictures of this when she is old enough to understand.

*I just got the Pagoda Cricut cartridge for my Cricut and it had lots of Chinese words in it! I have to get started on Sugars "Life Scrapbook" soon and this will be perfect! It had lots of fun cuts like panda's, bamboo, fans, kimonos,Bonsai trees, cherry blossoms, lanterns and so much more!

*Had Miss K with us all day today. She is such a good baby, wide eyed and bushy tailed at church this morning and really enjoyed the music! Sugar had a nap this afternoon and I took Miss K to the activity room to play but she was soooo tuckered out she started to fuss and nothing would comfort her. I sang and rocked her and then she wiggled her way to the floor and lay down and cried a little then fell asleep....while she cried I just looked at her and started to rub her back and cry just hit me that Miss K is the same age Sugar was when she was left alone in a park, how she must have felt that first night away from her momma....I love Miss K so much I couldn't imagine seeing her walking around a park all alone in the world. We are so blessed to have her in our lives, she makes my heart swell every time I hold her. I picked her up and put her on my chest and just thanked God for this sweet little blessing. *Sigh*

*Our pastor is doing well, he was allowed to come home from the hospital, his darling wife Shirley is giving him his meds threw needles. They showed a video announcement today of him thanking everyone for their prayers, it was so sad to see him looking so frail but yet it was the most wonderful sight at the same time. God answered our prayers and our Poppa Bear Pastor is fighting this with everything he's got! Praise God!

*Hubby and I are sitting here watching the Olympics Hockey game. USA against Canada. Second period is over and it's 3-2 for the US.
Come on Canada! It's not looking good :o(

*Our little hometown has one of our very own competing in the Olympics! Heather Moyse is in the women's bobsled competition. There are soooooo many signs at various businesses around town with "Go Heather Go" on their windows and signs! It's so exciting!

*Tonight we had our Island China Adoption Group CNY celebration. It was so nice to see it growing and growing! Sugar fit in like she was always there and they all interacted so well together. I can't believe I forgot my camera! Momniesia?

*I have a salon owner in town who wants to carry a collection of my bows! He is interested mostly in wedding and prom style bows. I'm doing an assortment of different styles for all ages as well, plus he wants some of the Doggy Bows I made too. We'll see how it goes. I'm thinking the wedding and prom ones will do extremely well in their season.

*Yesterday we went to our nephews 4th birthday party. Sugar loves her cousins so much! She played mostly with her oldest cousin, she tends to be drawn to the leader in a group, my guess is she feels safe with someone guiding her in a large group setting. "D" certainly mind, she is a true leader!

*Sugar has gone 7 nights in a row of sleeping threw the night without waking up multiple times. She might get up once and she comes to tell me she is going to pee, I tell her I will stay awake while she goes then she comes in to tell me she is done and climbs back into bed her "big girl" self. She has started to wait for me to come to get her in the morning too so finally after 5 months I am happy to report that we are all getting a good nights sleep! Yay! Sugar can hardly wait to get to the kitchen in the morning to get her stickers on the calendar. Today she got her prize for getting 7 days worth of stickers. I'm so proud of her!

*Sugar had another first snowed and they were beautiful fluffy snow flakes! I scooped some up in my hand and asked her if she wanted to see what it felt like on her know what the little monkey said....."You first Mommy"! I told her is was just water and it was no where near where the doggy was! Te He, she really thought I was kidding! She finally did it but decided she didn't like the taste ;O)

*Well that's my news for today. Hope you all have a wonderful week!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Sounds like you have been busy..
Sooo glad to hear that Sugar is doing well in the potty area and everyone is getting sleep..
I am sooo excited for you on the bows.. you do such a wonderful job..
Love the cake.. you are really getting good.. but you are sooo creative..
Miss ya..

The Drinkwaters said...

Yey on the good night's sleep! Glad to hear she is making great progress in that area. Happy New Year!

redmaryjanes said...

The cake is FABULOUS!
And I am so happy for all of your good news. You are just really enjoying life and great things are coming your way.

Kristy said...

Debz it is always so refreshing to get caught up with you. Why arent you making the cakes ? You are really doing a great job....really!!!! You should make them you rock!!!!

Love and blessings, Kristy