Sunday, February 14, 2010


Last night's brain storm!

No matter what colour chocolate tastes YUMMY! Did I happen to mention that Sugar pronounces chocolate VERY well? She's her mommy's girl ;O).
Our front window.

Our table set, decorated for our Valentines/CNY meal....which will be Chinese Take out of course ;O).

Daddy and Sugar ready for Church.

Mommy and Sugar ready for Church.

Happy Valentines Day! Happy Chinese New Year! Aunt Dorly took Sugar out for dinner on Friday and they went to the photo lab and had this picture taken Lori gave it to us at Church this morning. I was so surprised and I can't believe Sugar didn't let the cat out of the bag on this one! She did however tell me that Aunt Dorly forgot her purse at the store and they had to go back and get it. ;O)...I think she had something/one else on her mind. This was the first time Sugar has left the house without Mommy or Daddy so I was wondering how everything would go. I had to leave the house and go shopping to keep my mind off it! It's probably always harder on the parents the first time you have to separate from them and let someone else be responsible. I did pretty good I have to say. Thank you Lori!

I had one of the fortune cookies this afternoon and it said "Tell those who you love that you do." So just so you all know...I Love You!



Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Love the photos..
SOunds like Jazmyn did very well..
have a great day..

Lori Howatt (aka Dorely) said...

You did wonderfully first time letting Jazmyn leave the house without mommy or daddy on Friday when I took her out for lunch, I was so very proud of you! Oh and Jazmyn did wonderfully too!...tee hee. I fully enjoyed surprising you with the Valientines pictures of her. Its so much fun being an auntie (Aka Dorely).

Madeleine said...

Oh it didn't even occur to me to use the Chinese get-up we bought in China today!!

I am still new to all this CNY thing. And this year I failed miserably. :(

But yous all looked great!! And she is adorable.

It looks like a wonderful time had by all, even on Friday! :)

Happy VD & CNY!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Happy Vday and Happy CNY!! Looks like you had a fantastic celebration. You all look great!! She is such a cutie:)

kerri said...

Love you too!!
You guys look so beautiful in your traditional silks!!
Happy New Year, wishing you health, happiness and prosperity for the year of the Tiger.

BTW, your table looked so elegant, your so talented and creative my friend.

geminirn said...

So happy to see you guys had a great time celebrating both wonderful occasions,you all look great and Miss sugar gets even more beautiful with each passing day.
Hugs from across the waters.

Shionge said...

Sorry been a bit late...Happy New Year to you and your family. Did you give Sugar a red packet? :D