Thursday, February 11, 2010

Blessing my Heart Daily....

Here's Sugar wanting you all to know that Walmart has Kia Lan Valentine's, with a sheet of stickers inside! We have our Chinese new Year celebration on the weekend after Valentine's Day so we'll give them out to the group then. She has been enjoying all the mail coming in the mailbox with her name on it too. Valentine's Day morning will be like Christmas to her with all these cards!

Sugar has continued to do very well with not waking as much threw the night to pee. It helps that when she needs to pee threw the day we have been stalling her. She seems to be able to hold it much longer. Ideally Dr. W would like to have her hold it for a good hour or more. She really loves the sticker chart but more than anything she loves the approval from Mommy and Daddy praising her for doing so well. So I'm no longer worried about lack of sleep. Whew! She really needed time and for us to just be patient with her to feel secure enough to know that while she is in bed Mommy or Daddy are in the house somewhere.

She speaks very clear English and understands when I am telling daddy a story of something we did through the day, she will even finish the story for me sometimes now. The school board called me last week and filled me in with what will happen with the new Kindergarten program next year. They are going to have an orientation day in the spring so the kids can get a feel for it and the parents too.

I took Sugar to the library this morning. They have story time and a craft every Thursday morning. She really enjoyed it. We will definitely do this again. Hopefully we will get down to Mandarin class again soon too!

Jac and Miss K came over yesterday for a while. I took a ton of pics of them and thought I would share a couple with you. Behold my two girls and my Grandbutton. I can't believe where the time has gone...Miss K is 16 months old already and we have been home from China for 5 months! I just got my 6 month follow up kit in the mail to fill out. No, No the paper work doesn't end yet...we have to do one at 12 months as well. Who knows what else. Either way I'm sure the CCAA will be pleasantly surprised at how well Sugar is doing. They'll be surprised to know that she has grown 2 1/2 inches!

Look at those eyes.....that will get ya anything you want! Melts my heart! I love that little jacket on her too, sooooo cute.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


a Tonggu Momma said...

Aw, happy Valentine's day to your sweetie! And Ni Hao, Kai-Lan cards? Those make the Tongginator's heart super happy!

Cora said...

Happy Valentines Day to you and Jazmyn! I love that she is really getting into the holiday.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Chinese New year..
can't wait to see her pretty face in person..
Love the photo of your 3 girls..
love ya my friend..

Mike and Rhonda said...

OK...the pictures of your three girls is adorable. I cannot believe you have been home that long!

Jaz looks like she is doing wonderful! So happy for you guys.

Lesa said...

Sweet Photos!!

Happy Valentines Day...!

Madeleine said...

Oh those faces!!!

I can't stand it.

How fun to have them all there. It must be wonderful to have your oldest daughter close by, to drop by like that!! Trust me, it is a blessing.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

redmaryjanes said...

I am so happy for you this year! Two new beautiful little valentines!