Monday, December 07, 2009

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!!

A treasured ornament. We bought this at the Cloisonne the same day we went on the Great Wall. I thought it would be nice to hand down to Sugar one day. It's a Koi fish and it's entire body is hinged. It has beautiful fine detail.
Been meaning to post this but kept forgetting. This was the duvet and cover we bought for our anniversary while at the Silk Factory in China. It was the most expensive bedding I've ever bought in my life but I'm so happy I did! I love it and it's so beautiful! If your next in line and are wondering if you should get one....YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!! I also got pillows and guess what!!! They NEVER flatten! As soon as I plump it up it's huge again! They even package it in airtight bags for easy packing.
After decorating the tree last weekend and putting the ornaments up with pics of Jaclyn I thought I'd better go find an ornament to put a pic of Sugar in it too.
(Speaking of my beautiful daughter (Jac)....could you say a little prayer for her...she is undergoing some tests because she hasn't been feeling the best lately...hoping to have some answers by the end of the week. It's times like these that I just wish I could tell her to come back home so I can take care of her...)
Yesterday was the first big snow fall of the year. Sugar was itching to get out in it so Shane bundled her up and they set out. She was so excited about the shovel and even more so to go for a ride on it. Last night after she went to sleep Daddy went to the store and got her one of her very own! She was just beside herself when she woak up this morning!
Lots of people on facebook asked me what she thought if the snow...she is from Heilongjiang province which it just below Russia so she knows all about snow! A couple of days ago it was -27 there! IKES! I love this little shot of the Ice Printest (aka Ice Princess).
The snow wasn't sticky enough for a snowman but Daddy managed to help put a snow ball together to throw at Mommy in the window!
I'm working away at the craft/play/exercise room in the basement. Hoping to have it done by next Thursday for the Youth Group Christmas party. We bought a second hand Foose Ball table, Air Hockey and Ping Pong table so we are anxious to get it all set up.
All the Halls are Decked in the house with the exception of the tree in the basement...hopefully before the weekend we will get that done. Sugar looks with a twinkle in her eye at all the decorations. I've never decorated so much! This will be her first Christmas ever. It's going to me amazing! We have the greatest gift we could ever have imagined and more!
Started baking too! Jac is coming over with Miss K tomorrow and we are going to make "Health Cookies"... seriously, I'll post the recipe sometime if you want it. Today is Chocolate Chip Banana Bread. Have received over half of the recipe's from the recipe swap we did. There are some yummy dishes out there!
Sugar has been putting full sentences together the last week and a bit. I have become her interpreter when Daddy is home.
The cutest thing lately has been her asking to pray..."Dear Jesus, I pray....til morning light...God Bless, Jack-a-myn, Tennady, Tylore, Mommy, Daddy, Nanny,Grampy,Dorley, Nanny June, Dara, Paxton, Morgan...ect...till she finally runs out of names...too sweet...God must really smile to see a little girl who is barely learning to speak English offer a prayer to Him. Music to His ears I bet.
She is also blooming into a social butterfly! She'll go to almost anyone! I have to watch her like a Mother Hawk. Many people say it's like she was always here.....(YES! Finally they get it!)...(She ""HAS"" always been here in our hearts...)
Well I'm off to try to get into the open clinic for the H1N1 shot, wish me luck! I don't mind needles...I just hear some people say they end up feeling like someone punched them really hard in the arm....I need that arm to paint tonight!
Have a wonderful week all!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE ... LOVE ... LOVE the photos.. sounds like things are going soooo well.
Jac will be in my prayers..
hugs girly.. totally know how you feel about your babies leaving the nest...
Have a great week.
Love ya...

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

OOPS.. forgot to let you know ..
I LOVE The Koi ornament..
I can't wait to get some ornaments in China...
Love ya...

Sherri said...

beautiful beautiful..oh how I miss having snow for Christmas. But as long as we live in SW florida, it's never going to happen.

I love the picture of her gearing up to toss that snowball at her Mommy.


Julie said...

It's fun to see what others bought at the same places we went! We bought a panda ornament at the Cloisonne factory because we only put bears on our tree. At the silk factory I bought 2 special dresses for Naomi from real silk.

We only had a slight dusting of snow so far - not quite enough to make snowballs yet!!

Shionge said...

Love the beautiful shots Debz and indeed the bedding looks nice and elegant ;D

kerri said...

Love the snow shots!!
The bedding is just stunning Deb!

Madeleine said...

What a precious post!!

I love the shovel story! It reminds me of something John would do!

And the prayer... It makes my heart burst to think this little girl would have grown up in communist China, and now is speaking to our Almighty Himself from her heart. As natural as breathing.

HE did say take care of the orphans & widows, huh?

And it is a blessing.

I am *slightly* confused. Is the baby getting tested ? Will pay anyway, GOD knows. :)

If I shoed this pictures to my husband he would be a bit envious. He keeps looking at the sky to see when our snow is coming. While I pray for warmth. lol.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Happy Christmas! And I love the glimpse into those bits of China in your home. Although I'm wondering... how long will that price tag stay on the ornament?

geminirn said...

Love the precious photos,she is truly a princess indeed.Your bedding is beautiful!!
Hope all is well with your first baby girl.