Tuesday, December 01, 2009

EXCITING NEWS & Other Fun Stuff!

Remember a couple of posts ago I said I had something else in the works? Well here it is finally! I started to make clippiez for Sugar's hair and I couldn't stop so I thought I'd make them and sell them wholesale to children's boutiques and on a blog site. I'm so excited!

I sold some this past weekend at a craft fair and everyone thought they were sweet! My initial inspiration was Ki@ Lan...Sugar's favorite show. I made her these and she LOVED them! So I kept going with different fabrics and ribbon and I LOVE making them! I call them Yo-Yo's, there are three different sizes. Mini, Medium and 1 large one. This is a shot of the three sizes.

Come check out my Bowz and Clippiez site HERE!
Ahem...apparently my homemade chicken soup is a little boring. I turned my back for 2 minutes and when I turned back and seen her I thought my frantic dash down the hall for my camera would have woak her up! ...but alas...my soup WAS that boring! I videotaped waking her up and it was pretty funny...I'd show you but blogger video upload hates me tonight...we it hated me the other day too. Anyway....Sugar missed her nap today....and what better time than dinner to try to catch up ;O).
My 100 Good Wishes Quilt is finally being made!!! Here is the grouting in the black and the backing in pink! I can't wait to see it done!!!!!!
I took a photo shoot of Sugar for Christmas cards and finally gave up when she started eating the props...note the apples on the floor ;O) !

Sweet little extension to our family...Jac, Ty and Miss K AKA the Grandbutton. We had them over for pizza while we decorated the tree on Sunday night. It was so fun! Miss K's eyes lit right up when she seen the lights! So cute. Sugar Pie had her little fists at her sides and she kept them there while she jumped and squealed ;O). I love making family memories!

AHHHHH! The moment I've been waiting for for 4 years....my heart swells with happiness when I look at my two beautiful girls. I can't look at this pic without getting a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. To all of you out there enduring the wait......it REALLY is worth it in the end trust me!

Looking forward to the BEST CHRISTMAS we've ever had with my favorite girls in the world and a wonderful husband!

Ok go check out my other BLOG now! ;O)


Lisa said...

Love the Christmas photo shoot picture. I think you should use those pics for your Chriztmas cards. I love the half eaten apples on the floor! LOL Just like a kid eh?

Congrats on starting a bow business. It's exciting isn't it?

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Oh YEAH....congrats on the bow and clippy business:) I will do some shopping after the holidays. I am sure I will need some spring hair bows for Miss Sarah!!

CUTE PICTURES.....this is going to be one AMAZING Christmas for your family!


Shionge said...

Hey what a delight and I must say where did you get all that energy Debz??? Luckily photos and great to see great bonding there...thank you so much for sharing :D

Kayce said...

It is going to be an amazingly blessed Christmas for sure!! Enjoy all the moments!! Congrats on the business...I'm off to go check it out because I'm going to need A LOT of bows because my gal has A LOT of hair!! :) Many hugs!!

jaclyn said...

:) we need to get that pizza in jaclyn mouth again soon.it was delish :) i love the pic of me an jaja.lol.my fav thing that night tho.was the laugh attack we had.

Lesa said...

What a neat new business!! Congrats to you. Can boys wear them? I'm kidding. My bow days are almost at an end. Luckily Wendy still wears them some.
I'm so glad that this Christmas we both have our new children!

Kristy said...

Debz I am so darn proud of you and your cutesy little bows and you know I will be ordering some!

I also love making memories, I know my family gets irritated sometimes but you know that is just who I am ....a sentimental sap!!

I love the picture of your two beautiful girls, I cant wait to see our kids with Franceska, but it will be something extra special to see her and Astrud together....I cant wait!!!

Briana's Mom said...

CUTE clippies! They are really adorable! Love all the beautiful pics!

Shannon said...

I LOVE looking at your beautiful family pics! They make me smile and tear up with happiness! =)