Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just wanted to let you all know that Deb sent me an edited version of her last post and added a few pics! It's all included in the post before this one :)

Hi everyone, this morning I was able to talk to my daughter, sister and friend on Skype. It's amazing that you can Skype half way across the world isn't it!
We went for breakfast with another wonderful couple from Colorado, they have 3 bio children and 3 adopted from China. Wonderful godly couple, who are caring, gentle and kind.

Jazmyn slept 13 hours last night. I tell ya this gal plays hard and is spent by 6-7 at night sleeping sound until morning. The first night she fell asleep crying and I didn't bother to put a pull-up on her.,I wasn't too worried cause she hadn't drank much since earlier that day and she had no accidents. The next night I put one on her just in case and she fussed and squirmed and was trying to rearrange the pull-up and was sighing with grief so I pulled-down and hid them all away....clearly she didn't need them and hasn't had an accident yet.
She is eating really well. She loves beans...yes I know ;O)...she loves boiled eggs and rice of course. She does have a bit of a sweet tooth...I introduced her to a fruit roll up today and she very much approved. Some things don't impress her much if they are a rich sweet like jam....hummmm I wonder if she will like Skittles like her Momma does?

We set out at 10am to Pinfang district to find the street that has the park where she was found. This particular area is a suburb of Harbin, it took over an get there. It is actually a bad area to be in. Like every other city there is always an area you would never walk at night. The driver stopped twice to ask for directions and finally we found it. daddy got out and took a picture of the street sign. About that same time I started feeling physically sick, I was wondering if I might have to cough up my cookies. I just got this horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach. We pulled up to the park and I couldn't believe my eyes...I have never in my life seen a park that was so incredibly run down, dark and was as if we walked into a black and white photo from the 30s...the walk way was crushed in spots. There was nasty writing on the wall, a little miniature church ( about 8 feet tall and wide)turned upside down. The playground equipment was vandalized. We walked threw the gate and a gang of men followed us wondering what we were doing and staring at me...they don't see tourists in this town we were told. They just surrounded us and stared...they were not intending to hurt us or anything it just didn't feel right to me..I'm not used to that sort of thing. Shane walked around with the video camera trying to capture has to be a 100 year old park, There was actually a flood there at one time so perhaps it just never recovered. I asked our guide to take a picture of us sitting on the bench as if we were waiting there for her, then one of the 3 of us. I was saddened to see the park but so glad we did and so grateful our guides were willing to try finding it. We got back in the van and headed back out onto the highway. We were not even off that street for a minute and I started to feel better. I found myself looking out the window tears streaming down my face as I looked into the faces of the people there and couldn't stop the thoughts wondering if they were an aunt, uncle, grandparent or parent. I didn't want to entertain the thought so I tried to block it but part of me wanted to look...not sure how to explain that one...perhaps I just really wanted to get a feel for her was hard but I think having experienced it for the brief moment will help me describe what her part of the city looks like.

We went to Saint Sophia's Russian Orthodox Church which is now a museum. The architecture was something else! I was able to learn a little more about the history of Harbin and on the way out we found a bunch of postcards from the Ice Festival they have every winter on the river. These will make a perfect addition to either Jazmyn's keepsake box or memory book.

We went to Walmart to pick up a few things and came back to the hotel and Sugar melted for a little while once again...she was saying something else this time so we called a guide who was staying at the hotel and she came over to see if she could help us with what she was saying. Jazmyn was a little shy of her and didn't say it again...hey we tried right. I wish we could meet her every need during these days of transition....but we can't so we make the best of it. She was ok for a little while then the little alligator tears started again. We are very patient with her when she feels sad and it helps her to see someone being calm and compassionate toward her. Daddy started to run the bath and she went for it. That right there is our charm when the going gets tough. All in all she is a real trooper. Today we had a tiny break though! She repeated a few words after me.she is whispering them but you can tell she is mouthing the words. YAY!!! They are little sponges at this age anyway. Can't wait to hear her voice when she is home and playing with her little friends!

Went for a coffee with the lady from Colorado tonight and we had a great visit. We shared our day with one another and prayed for one anothers families. Tomorrow we get Sugar"s passport and documents then fly back to Beijing in the evening. Please pray Jazmyn's first plane ride is easy on her. I have trouble with my ears so I feel bad for little ones that don't understand why they get an ear ache.

Enjoy this pics..1. Momma and Baba waiting looking toward the park gate for their girl...2. Forever-a-family. 3. Saint Sophie's Church.


Lesa said...

Debz, love the new photos. Her finding place sounds eerie. I'm glad you have had some what of a break though. Hopefully she will be talking louder and louder. grin
Safe travels to your next destination. I guess it is Beijing and not Guanghou?
I hope she doesn't have a had time on the flight. I have a tough time with my ears as well.

Adrian Roberta said...

Hearing how you felt physically really struck me. We need to pray that God's light shines in these dark places.

So happy to hear her growing attachment to you (-:


Iris said...

Aww Debz Shane Jazmyn;;;;;
I have no words.
Tears yes.
Words No

redmaryjanes said...

I think things are going wonderfully. Day by day you all will grow closer and closer together. You are doing everything right. Sophia never needed pull ups either. We haven't had any potty training issues.

geminirn said...

Wow!I can't believe you guys are already heading back to Beijing....the time seems to be passing quickly.praying that the little princess enjoys her first flight.

I just love the new photos...what a beautiful family you have.....can't wait to see you all together with with J and hers.

kerri said...

We are praying that your flight is good and Jazmyn fairs well.
We gave the girls a drink for take off , helped the ears when they were swallowing.
The pictures are beautiful, so glad you were able to go Jazmyn's finding place, such an emotional journey.
Hugs Deb..

Abby's Mom said...

Wow just catching up and you are there with your daughter! How wonderful!! She is beautiful :)Many

Kristy said...

Debz you are an incredible woman and mother. You are teaching me so much and for that I am so grateful for. I love you so much and am so so happy for all of you.

Love and blessings, Kristy

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE the photos.
You will do the right thing and she will learn to only depend on your..
Shane and you are WONDERFUL parents..
can't wait to hear more..

Chris, Tammy and the gang! said...

Hey guys,
Hopefully you made it safe and sound to Beijing. Your posts are great and I'm enjoying reading everything you are experiencing!
Each day will get a bit better...

Take care,

PS...magna Doodles are GREAT! If you don't have one you should try to pick one up for Jazmyn!

Shannon said...

Your posts are going to be great memories for J as well. Sounds like you three are doing great-it is a process, isn't it? Your girl is a love! =)