Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Edited version of last post...

Hi everyone,
I don't have any pictures from today so here is just a couple of randon shots from yesterday. I'm getting a "Memory card error" on my camera so I have to try to fiddle with it somehow.

Once again Sugar Pie slept a full night. She woak up about 3 times for a pee....(Last evenings fruit smoothy with daddy ;O).) but went right back to sleep.

We went to the Wild Tiger Park today. It was a lot of don't have to wear seat belts here so driving the proper vans through some rather rough terrain made for some awkwardly funny moments of people landing on one another! LOL. At least the van windows are caged wire. The tigers will sometimes attack the van. It was very interesting to see how they eat! I won't go there....lets just say.....feathers as a beard on a tiger is NOT cute. A.T A.L.L !

Sugar took a little tantrum today when we took her for a walk on the river bank...she seen a little girl with bubbles and wanted some. ( Chances are that at the orphanage if one child gets something they no doubt all do, hence her adimency) Shane got them for her and she ran wild with the wand giggling all the way. I was not liking her taking off so fast with that many people walking around the riverfront. It made me nervious. People look at you here not only because I'm a blond but because they are courious as to why we are Canadian and have a Chinese child. When they fixate on you it's like your driving on the road looking into the start to drive that way! Well they near run into when they want a closer look! LOL.

We got back to the hotel and Sugar took another wee little meltdown..I couldn't make out what she was saying but I know she wanted me to take her back to the orphanage....she gathered all her stufff, put on her shoes and jacket then strapped on her little napsack. She stood there crying when I wouldn't agree to put my shoes on. I held my arms out and at first she didn't want me to touch her....I tell you this just so that I can perhaps light a little candle for you......if anything I say can minutly prepare you for what "MAY" possibly happen then I haven't waisted my breath. isn't easy to watch your child do this and it truly breaks my heart but I know in my heart that each day will get better. I sat there and looked in her eyes as they teared...I smiled a gentle smile and held back my own tears and soon she sat on my knee while I gently ran my fingers threw her hair. Then I asked if she wanted a bath and she took off her napsack to stay for another day ;O). After a nice long soak she looked a tiny sad so I just wrapped her in the towel and held her til she fell was only 5 pm....she had a full day thought so no wonder the little tike was tired.

Our guide Lynn just called us and said she would take us to the park where Jazmyn was found, (this is favor in their eyes if you ask me...God will make all things possible if we just have faith and ask the impossible..) so this is what we are doing tomorrow morning. I wasn't sure she would allow it as the park is in a district that doesn't impress her. I'm so happy that they said yes. I would really like to capture as much of this as possible for when Sugar is older.

I was able to skype with Dara and her family this morning, It was nice to touch base with back home.
I also skyped with Jac. Which was really nice. I miss her so much. I was able to skype with her tonight for a few minutes. It was hard to say bye...we have to go on the count of three. I caught a glimps of her crying as I disconnected...that was really hard...I lost it for a few moments...becoming a big sister is just becoming a reality to her and I'er been a half a world away from her ever. Jac I love you and miss you sooooo much.


Lesa said...

Poor little Jazmyn. I know it must be hard on mommy too. I think you are doing very well right now considering, Debz. Thank you for being so open about this transition. I do wonder how Evan will do with us. We will have one advantage we will have Wendy with us and I've heard having a young sibling with them during this transition helps... I sure hope it does anyway.

Keep up the good work.

Sherri said...

Like Lesa said that poor little girl - she will come around, I haven't there but she will.


a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh, Debz. This is such a tough transition. One day at a time, right? Huge hugs to you and yours. Y'all are doing all the right things.

geminirn said...



Kayce said...

Debz...thank you for putting it all out here for us. You are in our prayers and we are sending lots of cyber hugs to all of you!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Thanks for letting us know what is going on.
Things will get better.. always rough then all LOVE..
Thinking of you always..
Love ya..

Phil, Lindsay and Lucy Miller said...

Thinking of you and praying for you! Keep updating the blog, what a gift for us to keep updated on your travels and the state of your hearts. Safe travels.

Dara said...

Hi guys! Can't wait to hear how the visit to the park was for you guys.
Little Jazmyn is such a treasure. You are both doing an amazing job of parenting her. Bless you guys.