Monday, September 07, 2009

5 To Go! Happy Labor Day!

5 more days to go. Today I will make a list of the things I have left to do. The banks are closed today for Labor Day as are most of the stores so I'll do what I can around the house to tie up loose ends and stuff. I'm so glad I packed early, it's nice to have that out of the way so I can think clearer and not have that big job ahead of me. With that being said, here is my packing list for those of you who might like to use it as a reference. What I did was copied a few other peoples lists and customized it.

SUIT CASE #1 (Checked)
Travel prescriptions (filled)
Mini packs of tissue (lots)
Box of wet naps (Walmart has bxs of 54)
2 pks wipes ( for hotel room)
Vick's puffs Kleenex
Toothbrush, paste and floss
Cough drops
Pepto Bismol tablets
Band aids
Healing Ointment
Bar of laundry soap (won't leak ;O))
razors/shaving cream
2 little bottles of hand sanitizers
Shampoo/cond/bath gel in one (Joico I.C.E sells it)
Lip Balm
Children's Advil
Lolly Pops for sore throats
(4 sets of plastic cutlery)

SUIT CASE #2 (Carry on)
1 Outfit each (in case the checked cases don't arrive right away)
2 Plastic Mugs
23 bowls/plates
Hot Chocolate/Coffee/Coffee mate
Twin & Sugar Packs
4 boxes of Cup-a-soup
Gold fish crackers
Peanut Butter
5 Boxes of Granola Bars
3 boxes of fruit by the foot/roll ups
2 packs Cheese ans crackers
4 boxes oatmeal packs
(I took all the food out of the boxes and put them in
zip lock bags, it takes much less space.)
Documents we will need.

BACK PACK #3 piece of luggage. (Rather than a purse)
Adaptor Plug
2 Fanny Pks
Money belt & Neck passport holder
8 pkg compressed towels
Duct tape (PINK!)
Assorted sized zip lock bags
Charger for my Blackberry
Photo Album with some of the same pictures that
we already sent her. (good ice breaker)
For Government Officials we packed 4 gifts
Ad-Hoc gifts...Canada flag pins and Canada flag tattoos

SUIT CASE #4 (Our daughters luggage)
Night time pull-ups
Coloring book/crayons/stickers
couple of wind-up toys
Beach Ball
Few little toys
5 disposable bibs
Container for snacks
Little blanket
Soft doll she can sleep with
2 pair pj's
6 pair undies
6 pair socks
Bathing Suit
5-6 Outfits
2 sun hats
Pks of Kleenex

SUIT CASE #5 (My Bag)
Knitted baby blankets
Knitted hats and mitts (Client made for the orphanage)
5 Tops
1 pair pants
3 pair Capri's
1 pair shorts
6 socks
6 undies
4 bras
1 Jacket
1 pair sneakers
2 hats
Bathing suit (have to get bathing caps)

SUIT CASE #6 (Hubby's Bag)
5 t-shirts
2 pair pants
3 pair shorts
6 undies
6 socks
Bathing trunks (have to get bathing caps)
Pair of sneakers

* In each of the carry-ons I have put copies of the necessary documents we will need.

*In each bag I put a red bag (just a Zellers bag) and put the things
in it that we will want to bring to the province we are going to so we
don't have to worry about trying to figure that out when we get there.
As the in country flights have tighter baggage restrictions, we'll be
leaving some of our luggage in Beijing.
It will be as easy as emptying it all into one bag. ;O)


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

5 days..
Are you getting WAY EXCITED..
I would be just going crazy...
LOVE the packing list..
I sooo hope it is nice weather when we go.. I want to try and go carry on..
Have a great Labor Day..
Love ya girly..
I have to say again..I LOVE the ladybugs..

Briana's Mom said...

You are ready! Completely ready! So exciting!!

kerri said...

Go girl, your packing list rocks!!
You have thought of everything, can't wait to follow your journey!!Hugs to you from me and the monkeys!!!

kerri said...

of Deb, almost forgot can you send me address , I have a parcel I want to send off to you so it will be there for Jazmyn when she gets home..
Hugs.... as we know it. said...

wow you are soo ready. I took the pepto tablets too!

Not long to go!

Chris, Tammy and the gang! said...

Hi Deb,
I can't believe you are down to 4 days. WOW!!! You must be bursting with excitement and anticipation!!!!
I love the ladybugs you did in Jazmyn's room! Too cute.

Take care,

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I am going to have to copy this list if you don't mind...
So excited for you all... take care