Monday, February 23, 2009

Why 12 Schools in 12 Grades?

Thank you everyone for your questions. There were some fully loaded ones here that I guess I'm not going to be able to answer in one post so in the next little while I'll try to cover them all.
But before I do;

What a day today was. We had a storm blow in last evening that dropped 30 cm on us, closing schools across the Island. I awoke with a sore back, took a couple Advil and headed out to shovel off the deck area. I waited for the plow to come clear out my driveway, he didn't show up until almost noon! UGGGGGG! After he left I headed out to shovel around my car, man this was not the best day for me to have a sore back. I took a couple more Advil and headed out to shovel the back deck so I could let Mr. Bailey out. I can be thankful that at least it was mild out. I spent the rest of the day doing laundry and resting here on the couch. That was a statement you won't here me say often. I am always puttering around doing something, or at least worrying about what I should do next! Which brings me to this point;

A lady said something to me the other day that has me thinking pretty deep lately. I was telling her without taking a breath about all the things I did,was doing and had to do, she stopped me and looked me straight in the eye and said....."You can't live in the moment can you?"............holy man.....there are few things that people say to me that stop me dead in my tracks, but let me tell you this was one of them. I go go go go and give give give and at the end of the day sometimes I feel so tired and drained that there is nothing left of me to give to the people who are most important in my life. I mean sure I'm there and I'm participating but in my head I'm lining things up I have to do tomorrow or later that evening. I resolved this past weekend that I am going to learn to live in the moment, enjoy my time that is spent with loved ones with my entire body, mind and spirit. Sure the stuff will be there for me to take care of later but worrying never lifted a finger to help. Now to answer one of the questions that Lea asked, "Why 12 schools in 12 years?"

My mom was pregnant when her and my dad married, so only a few short months later I was born. We lived in that sweet little home with the white picket fence for almost 7 years. I attended grade 1 in Englewood, close to Victoria-By-The-Sea. My mom and dad separated and we moved to Miminigash where I attended St. Lewis school for grade 2. My dad died that following summer and I was devastated. The break up of my parents put a huge strain on my ability to concentrate in grade 2 and at that time if you didn't hit a certain grade percentage they would make you repeat the grade. I struggled with the pain of loosing my dad and I didn't care that I had to repeat a grade. My mom found an apartment in O'Leary where she thought it would be a great place to try to start over. I went to O'Leary Elementary school for my second shot at grade 2.

The following summer my mom met a family who really wanted to help us out and keep us under their wing so we moved to their house in Rosebank where I would go to Bloomfield for grade 3. They helped mom get on her feet and helped us find a home to rent. We moved to Elemsdale and lived in an old farmhouse that we loved! I went to Alberton School for grade 4. That summer my mom sat us around the table and told us she had cancer and tried to help us understand what that could potentially mean. I couldn't believe my little ears. I had lost my dad just 3 years before and now could possibly loose my mom! She had surgery and praise God He spared her life. I'm sure He heard the prayers of a desperate little girl who just wanted to keep what was left of her family.
~~~~Me is grade 2~~~~~
Mom always only ever wanted the best for us kids, so she once again set out to look for a better life, we moved to St. Eleanor's for a while during the summer then my mom met a gentleman and they were married, I went to Greenfield for part of grade 5. Then we moved into a home just outside Kensington and I went to Queen Elizabeth for the rest of grade 5. The marriage feel apart in less than 2 months. We moved back to O'Leary to an apartment and I started grade 6. Half way threw the year my mom got a job in Summerside and we moved back where I went to Parkside for the rest of grade 6. That was one of the funnest summers we ever had. Mom was finally feeling like herself again and we felt like we had our mom back. Life must have been so hard for her raising 3 children as a single parent and trying to be a mom who placed huge value on quality time with her kids. Bless her heart, I take my hat off to her for holding it together so well! We stayed there and grade 7 was the Junior high school across the road. It was called S.I.S. My mom got a wonderful deal on a house outside of O'Leary and she bought it. I moved to a different Jr. high for the rest of grade 7,8,9. Then finished off at Westisle Senior High. So there you are. I think I have it as close as I can possibly recollect.

When Jac turned 7 and was going to grade 1, I promised myself she would go from grade 1-12 with all the same people, and I kept that promise.


a Tonggu Momma said...

12 schools in 12 years. You have me beat. I am stunned... someone actually beat my number - and by a large margin. My hat is off to you.

Briana's Mom said...

Wow - I only moved one time during my school years when I was 13 and I had such a hard time adjusting. I can't imagine how hard it was to move as much as you did as a child.

Iris said...

I did 5 schools in 5 years , then we settled in the same area and I no longer had to keep transferring, Toronto had so many boroughs and you could move around the block but your school may not be the same school.
Went to Runnymede, til Western.
Gotta say it was hard even thought my friends were just around the corner but 2 block north and they went to a different school.

OH MY #6 said...

wow, that is quite the story. A tribute to your mom wanting so much to have the BEST for her children. But, also, to you for understanding and loving your mom so very much.


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

WOW is right....12 schools in 12 years is unimaginable. It sounds like your Mom did what she needed to do to put you all first and foremost....she sounded like a very wonderful lady!


geminirn said...

WOW!!!That was alot of moving,hats off to your mom as she must have done somethings right....just look at the beautiful,warm thoughtful daughter she raised.