Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Most Embarrasing Moment.

Well it seems that a certain TM would like everyone to to forget that THIS moment ever happened by focusing attention on me rather than her. LOL! She asked "What was your most embarrassing moment"? Well here is my little moment which pales in comparison really, but was certainly an embarrassing moment pour moi all the same. She also asked if the profile picture was me. Yes it is, and thanks!

I was dressed to kill, ready for a long awaited date with my husband. I was rushing to and fro finishing up last minute details, listing rules for the teenager, tidying up the kitchen, loading the dishwasher and again laying the law down for the teen. Hubby on his way to the shower asked if I would run in town to Walmart to get him a pkg. of CD-RW's. I let on I knew what they were( I figure the guy in electronics would point me the way..) and sent him off to the shower to go run this errand for him.
I heard the water running and immediately needed to pee, I didn't want to disturb him already so I figured I would hold it, after all I was only going to be a minute. I darted off to Walmart. The car was cold ladies! You know how that feels when you need to go wee! I got to Walmart and not a close parking spot in sight! I parked a ways back in the parking lot and trotted off in high heels as fast as I could without looking like I had no idea how to walk in the bloody things. I got inside the door shifting from side to side, I couldn't make it any further. I looked around for the bathroom sign and off I went. I made a great save when I turned the corner to slide in the door of the restroom, I actually gracefully slipped on the floor but ended up behind the door and it looked like I knew exactly what I was doing.
Yeah! I was the only one in there! I ran to a stall..a little more bold legged this time cause it was more comfortable...I don't even know if I locked the door I hiked up my skirt and let out a little sigh while I straddled the can. Aww! That was better. I straightened up and went out to wash my hands. I looked in the slanted mirror, you know the mirror for the wheelchair accessible sink, ya, I'm only 5 ft tall so I could actually see almost to my knees. I flicked my hands down my skirt to take all the wrinkles out and out the door.
I felt so professional looking in my back skirt, blazer and high heel shoes. I headed off down the hall like nobodys-business strutting my stuff. A lady with a cart was following me.....I walked a little faster thinking to myself...I don't have time to talk, don't look back Debz just walk faster...I walked faster and she walked faster. I walked even faster and got to the electronics department. I slipped quickly between two CD racks hoping to have lost her while looking at ...I think a Smirfs DVD, (wise looking business lady hey!) and just when I thought I'd lost her I felt a woman's voice behind me say "Mame, I just thought you should know....you have a really long piece of toilet paper hanging out of the top of you skirt".....In horror I reached back and sure enough...there it was! The electronics dude was walking by wondering if anyone had told me yet and I just shot him a squinty eyed nod and a half grin. I thanked the woman and at that moment I could have crawled under a rack and stayed there until the store was empty.
I managed to find the CD's MYSELF, WELL!!!!!!! I wasn't going to ask the guy who seen me! At this point I was totally humbleized and feeling like a bit of a dork so I took off the shoes and walked to the front of the store and put my shoes back on while I stood in the cash line. A couple of seconds later I felt a cart come up behind me and I turned around and there was the lady who caught me and chased me down the isle...I looked at her beat red in the face and muttered " I'ze kinna hopin' I'd neva see you again", at which we both couldn't help but bust into tears laughing.

I got back home and hunny was all ready to go out on our date. We had a wonderful time, and a good laugh. Funny thing is, and come on ladies lets be honest, we usually turn around in the mirror in the bathroom to see that everything is in it's right place from behind....why I didn't that day I'll never know. Rest assured from now on every time I go into a public rest room I'll be making sure there's no junk on my trunk!


Shannon said...

Oh Debz! A classic! Especially when you see the informer again! =)

A Mom- In-W8ing said...

Funny moment, now … not then I’m sure, lol!
I was an “informer” … kind of. There was a lady in a line up at a restaurant that had a long “paper trail” stuck to her shoe and I very quietly got up behind her and tramped on the end of it and scuffed my feet until it became detached and she was none the wiser, lol.

Smiles! :o)

a Tonggu Momma said...

So you just had to go there, didn't you? LOL. Nothing to see at my place, y'all. No need to stop by.

As for your story - BwwwaaaHaHaHaHa! You KNOW you are someone's crazy Wal-Mart story now, don't you?

I'll make you feel better. My Aunt P (the one who loves to cook), once tucked her skirt into her nylons. Her rear was on view for all to see. Some twenty-something guy finally told her. Ack!

3D said...

That is a hoot!

Keep smilin!

kerri said...

ROTFL, just what I needed today, a good giggle.. ;)

Briana's Mom said...

Snort! Now I will always check my back before leaving a restroom!

redmaryjanes said...

Too funny! I came out of the bathroom once with the back of my skirt up and tucked into the wasteband. Oh yeah, I was flashing the undies...what can you do???

Thanks so much for adding the auction button to your blog..I really appreciate it!

geminirn said...

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOVE THESE GUT SPLITTING MOMENTS.....well when they happen to someone else of course*wink*

Nadine said...

You know you're over an embarrassing moment when you can blog about and let everyone in. You're a hoot.

Colleen said...

ROTFL that was hilarious...well probably not at the time but it's pretty funny reading about it LOL

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Oh my... that is when I would wish the ground would open up... haha

Janet said...

Oh dear. POOR YOU! I will check for that too now!

Anonymous said...

Girl, you are HILARIOUS!

My brother-in-law (about 6'6", built like a line backer) once had a desperate need for a toilet stop while he was at a particular restaurant. He ran into the bathroom and was already in the stall, sitting down, when he heard a whole group of FEMALES enter...and they quickly spotted his huge combat boots under the door of his stall and it caused quite a twitter. Meanwhile, he was there dying a thousand deaths. Turns out, upon closer inspection, the sign on the door had said "Hens", not "Mens"!!! Thus humbling one rooster!!!