Saturday, August 02, 2008

A Sleepover With Our Nieces

We had some new four legged neighbors move in next to us, this one goes by the name of Star. There are 5 all together. I remember two of the other's names were Mrs. Claudia and Jordan. The girls really enjoyed feeding them.

The girls are sitting in my "Nail Gazebo". This is where I take some of my clients on nice sunny days. It's just outside my salon door. Like the chairs on my deck!!!

Desiree was totally amazed with going threw the car wash! You'd think she seen Santa Clause out there!

We went to the boardwalk in town for a walk along the water.

Dominique watching Hannah Montana's 3d movie.

Sitting by the campfire roasting marshmallows. Uncle Shane is loading them up!

The girls and Shane blowing bubbles and trying to catch them in the dark.


Nadine said...

Your nieces are so pretty. It's fun to have sleepovers.

OziMum said...

Looks like LOTS of fun! Love little D's face, in the car wash! We took one of my nephews through, and he looked the same!!! small thrill, I guess!!!

Love your nail gazebo! What a fantsatic idea! The nail gear can get pretty stinky!!!

Shannon said...

So much fun! You live in such a gorgeous area. Plus your new four legged neighbors look like some good buds! Your nieces are lovely-so great to spend time together. =)

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Your nieces are beautiful..
Looks like a wonderful time..
Have a Great Weekend..

amy said...

what fun, beautiful girls

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Sounds like a successful sleepover.....great photos!

Lovin that chair on your patio!!

Have a great weekend!


OH MY #6 said...

Looks like a wonderful summer visit.


OH MY #6 said...

PS. I just read your previous post. I have commented also.

Have a great Sunday.


geminirn said...

Your nieces are beautiful!!!looks like everyone enjoyed the sleep over.Love your outside nail gazebo and the deck chair of course...too cute.

Shionge said...

What a lovely day to soak in the fun with your nieces, I'll be overjoyed too :D

di.di said...

I bet the girls just had a FANTABOLOUS sleepover...

Amydeanne said...

looks like a blast! and hey, I was hoping to make it to the island this year, buti thinkwe're going to try next year when our little ones are a tad bit bigger and the screaming lessens! lol
the picture reminded me a place in Ontario, so not that terribly far off! I'm in Sask. so at least closer than where we are now!

Gracie said...

I love the bubble picture. Too cute looks liek yall had funnn