Friday, August 15, 2008

福娃 Fuwa official promo

Was watching "Bring It On, Beijing" on the Vision network tonight and I was blown away with all the merchandise being sold for the Olympics! Millions! Everything from key chains, t-shirts to Fuwa plush toys.
The program is one in a series of programs that Vision TV has aired this week. I loved watching this particular one and decided to google Fuwa merchandise to see if there was any place to purchase anything in Canada. I didn't have much luck. Perhaps I'll have better luck when they release some product when the Olympics actually start.
One thing I'll be looking for is a couple of DVD's of the Fuwa cartoon.....I seen on the program where some children were interviewed and they said they loved it!
Here is a promo clip. Enjoy!
Aren't they cute?


OH MY #6 said...

I know I would love to have that too! I do have ONE glass from McDonalds that a friend bought me. It is very cute actually!

Have the BEST weekend.


Shionge said...

When I was in Beijing, I can't get enough of them :)