Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Photo shoot of a Robin in my yard and other things.

~@ I seen this mamma bird in my back yard yesterday and couldn't help but compare her to us who are waiting. I was disappointed to see that the CC@@ only got threw 3 days this month but, I'm still hanging on.

~@ Was finally able to get together with the "Worldclass Moms" this past week. About 12 gals hung out at a local restaurant for a good three hours or so. It was nice to meet some new faces and get caught up with some of the girls I already knew. One of the gals had a beautiful album of her little boy who she is adopting from Russia. Their process is quite different than ours. We had great conversation, I left with lots to think about.

~@ Saturday was a busy day here on our little Island for grocery stores, canned pop was put back on the shelves after 12 years. There was a ban put in place in 1984 to protect jobs at the local Pepsi bottling plant and to protect the environment. The province also banned pop from being sold in plastic bottles. Personally I'm not a big pop drinker so all I can hope for is that people will not use the sides of our beautiful country roads as a convent disposal site for their empties. You can read more about it here.

~@ I decided I am going to take up rollerblading this year! I love to walk but it does get boring sometimes so I thought I'd mix it up a bit. I went yesterday for the first time this year and boy my ankles are weak! I hope to be a pro in no time....Big results require big ambitions!


OH MY #6 said...

Finally I figured out where in Canada you are!!

Roller blading eh? I am thinking of buying a new bike. But roller blading sounds kinda fun!


redmaryjanes said...

Wow, I have never heard of a ban on pop cans before. Interesting. I love that Spring is here, our robins are back too : )

Shionge said...

Cool shot of the robin Deb and hey sounds so cool to want to roller-blae ;) Have fun!!

Nadine said...

Nice shots of the robin.

I thought about you when I went on a blog and they featured these:


They were so cute.

OziMum said...

No soft drink?!!! Geez, my family would be in a huge dilemma!

Yes... we're all little birdies, building our nests... waiting for the babies to fill it!

You're way braver than me, taking on roller-blading! You go girl!

kerri said...

I am tired of seeing litter on our country roads, I see people that have had McD*onald's take out and they just toss it out the car window?????It's the same for pop cans and beer bottles!!
Glad you and the "World class Moms" had a terrific time.

Wendy said...

Thee CCAA seems to slow down this time of the year... I was this time last year they only did a few days each month.. I remember it well... We should have gotten our referral in March instead we finally got it in June 2007. Your turn will come soon...

Take Care

Lesa said...

Our robins are doing the exact same thing here. I don't have that nesting feeling exactly yet so it must not be time yet. It is getting closer though my friend.

Thought I would check in on you....Roller blading huh? I don't think I could even go there now. It has been way too long since I even roller skated.

Hang in there. How is your baby doll? Wendy plays with hers constantly. She named her Emma.