Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ramdom Things and 3 Word Sunday

*I am pooped! What a week!

*Monday I took Jac, her friend Heidi and Sunshine to Charlottetown to go shopping. We had a nice time going from shop to shop. We went into Dynamite and seen some cute graphic t-shirts, one of them had "Lil miss Sunshine" written on it and when I showed it to Sunshine her little face lit up with a big smile so I couldn't resist I had to get it for her.

* Tuesday I was on my way to see a fantabulous friend of mine and I seen a beautiful fox on the side of the road, I stopped and took a pic of him then he got closer so I erased that one and went to take another but he ran away. Darn, why did I have to erase it? I worked 1-9, went to bed and I shivered with chills for nearly 2 hours! I pretty much knew the flu was on the rise.

*Wednesday morning I woak up sweating, and my skin was sore, my hair even hurt. I drug my butt to work and suffered threw. I took an immune booster and some pain relievers for the HUMONGOUS, ON FIRE glands in my throat! Man it was painful! Every time I would swallow they would *((((squeeze)))))* and I nearly went cross eyed! Needless to say I took it pretty cool after work. I think that was the night Jac and I watched Peter Pan together. For those of you who have followed my story long enough you know that's been our special theme movie all her life. She is Pan and I am Tink. We love to watch any version we can get our hands on, and multiple times I might add!

*Thursday I was on the mend. I don't usually get sick for long. The cold is still lingering but I felt a whole lot better. After work Sunshine bounced into her room and brought out her report card which were passed out that day and she sat it in front of me and my jaw dropped in astonishment. She is grade 10 doing grade 11 advanced math and she had a 99% average!!!!! I was so proud of her!!!

* My Midgie kitty has not been feeling well, I took her to the vet and they put her on meds for a week. I had to feed her with a syringe the little dear was so weak. She went almost a week without a bowel movement which had us pretty worried. A couple more days passed and she finally had a poo. I was never so happy to see a cat relieve herself in my life! I darn near had a party for her. So the last couple of days she has come back to her old self but I wonder what happened in the first place to have her so weak and run a fever. Perhaps cats get the flu as well? At any rate I'm just happy that she is back to her old self.

* Friday hip hip hooray! My hunny was in Kentucky all week on training so he arrived home. It was so nice to see him. I know he is away all week every week but it is usually only a province or so away.

* Sunshine's Mom called me yesterday to say that she loves checking my blog and she noticed on my last post where I mentioned not showing Sunshine's face without Mom's permission and she said that it is very different in China, things are not as private there and they love to show pictures of their children and talk about how well they are doing so she gave me permission to go ahead. Beware!!! Ha Ha!

*Worked a bit here and there with my friend on a fundraising sale that we are having on the 25-26th. I'll save that for another post.

* Oh I upgraded my cell phone to a blackberry! I love it! I can receive all my e-mails on it and even Facebook messages. I can check out blogs from it and everything!

* Should hear in the next few days how far the CC@@ got with referrals. Looking forward to a fresh new batch of baby faces!

*Last but not least in my random thoughts is the nursery, yes, it sits empty and ready, it became a bit of a catch all room through out Christmas and then when I cleaned the other room up for Sunshine I threw stuff in it and well, it had been bothering me that it is in that big of a mess. So I tackled it and cleaned it up this week. After I did I realized my heart felt cleaned and dusted as well. I felt like it was once again on the forefront of my heart and not something so untouchable. I can now go in there once again and sit on the rocker, grab her blanky and breath deeply into and sigh a sigh of hope that soon it will be her who I am breathing into my lungs and not just hope. Hummm........that's my happy place.


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Rule number 1... never delete a photo from your camera until you get them onto your computer and burnt onto a disc... I learnt that one over time... right now I have about 1300 photos on my camera... they are coming off tomorrow though... we've been talking more of PEI lately... my nephew has been there... so getting hints from him too... oh... I cannot wait to get there... not until 2009/2010 at least... take care...

Jane @ What About Mom? said...

Hi Debz,

Just saying hi from the UBP. I know I'm late -- what can I say?

Cute pic of lil' Miss Sunshine, and I just want to know if you've named your Blackberry yet? I named my husband's Kiki so I can say funny (to me) things like, "Are you still playing with Kiki?" or "Put Kiki down so we can go to bed."

Glad you're feeling better. Nothing's worse than the woman of the house being sick!

Steffie B. said...

OK....I am tired after reading that!lol Way to go girl....Ijust may have to checkintothe cellphone upgrade myself...too cool!;)

Pug Mama said...

I want a Blackberry too.....

OH MY #6 said...



Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

WOW!!! you are a busy girl..
Love your 3 words.. Sunshine is sooo pretty..
Have a Great Week..

Briana's Mom said...

Sunshine is sooo pretty! Glad you are feeling better. We were all sick in our house too this past week. Blah!

3D said...

Happy that you and Midgie are doing better.

Miss Sunshine is so pretty! Thx for sharing.

Keep smilin!

Shionge said...

Thanks for sharing all the latest news and you got yourself a blackberry? Cool!

Love her smile...hugs!

imPerfect Mother said...

I have tagged you as one of my favourite blogs! To find out how to play read my newest post!!

Have a great day!


Kristin Hager said...

Way to go Lil' Miss Sunshine with your grades!
Glad you & Midgie are feeling better! If only pets can tell you what is wrong w/them

Take care! It is snowing here again - 10 inches is expected

redmaryjanes said...

I am jealous of your cell phone! Have a great week.