Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Nephew Learns about "The Choking Game" and Speaks Out.......

Below is a newspaper article which was published about three weeks ago about my nephew who learned a lesson before it was too late. I'm so proud of him for speaking out. A couple of weeks ago he got a call from a Maritime Global News reporter who wanted to interview him to raise more awareness. They came to my house to interview him last Wednesday and tomorrow (Wednesday) there will be part one of two segments aired on Maritime Global News Net at 6pm Eastern.


Colby and his mom, Lori, want to raise awareness about the dangers of what’s sometimes called the choking game. The teen learned it’s no game after an incident at school last week.
Colby didn’t worry when his friend put him in a chokehold.
“Good buddies and stuff. Just fooling around,” Colby says.
The 15-year-old let his friend put an arm around his neck in the gym dressing room. The friend applied pressure but told Colby to tap him when he wanted to stop.
Colby remembers tapping — and that’s it.
He woke up on the floor with people clustered around asking if he was OK. His arms tingled. He felt dazed and confused. His worried friend told a teacher what happened.
Two teens just playing around — playing what some call the choking game.
“It’s not worth it,” Colby says.
He’s sitting in the kitchen of his home as Mom, Lori, sips coffee nearby.
Ball cap on backwards. Dressed in jeans and American Eagle shirt. He’s a teen who enjoys guitar, woodworking and ping-pong. He didn’t know much about the so-called choking game. Neither did his mom.
“What are you talking about?” Lori thought when the Three Oaks Senior High vice-principal called about her son playing the choking game at school.
Lori soon did some research on the Internet. The choking game describes various activities that involve choking oneself or someone else to create lightheadedness. The choking deprives the brain of blood, and therefore oxygen. It can kill brain cells, cause brain damage and even kill.
Lori and Colby watched this web video featuring a 911 call from a hysterical 13-year-old boy who would lose his brother to the activity; they reviewed memorial websites of young people who died playing.(check out this site as well)
“This could have turned out so differently,” Lori says.
“We’re just so grateful that we have an opportunity to speak out to raise awareness . . . not at the cost of a life.”
School principal and vice-principal didn’t wish to comment on a specific student’s case. Speaking generally, they said this isn’t a common activity, but anyone caught would go to a school counsellor. The School has education planned through a Positive Choices program for Grade 10 students.
The superintendent of the School Board, said school counsellors discussed the topic at a meeting a few months back and have access to resources if it happens. He said junior and high school students would receive education about the dangers.
“It certainly could have very tragic consequences.”
You don’t have to tell that to Colby.
“To think I could be laying in a coffin right now scares the crap out of me,” he admits.

Way to go Colby. We're so proud of you for using your voice! If but one child heeds to your warning........you will have saved a life.

God, thank you for preserving him.

Edit: Take the time to read the first comment that was left on this post. It was from the Mom of the boy from the 911 call from the GASPinfo.com site. When I read it it gave me goose bumps.

Sarah, thank you for sharing your story. You are the real hero here. By sharing this vulnerable story of your son with the world. I admire you for that. I would love have your e-mail address if you happen to check back here again.


Anonymous said...

Colby, I am very proud of you, and so grateful to your and Aunt for allowing you 'speak out' against this wicked, high risk activity that has been killing for many, many years.
For a teen to put this out there means they risk ridicule by peers; I hope you are not subjected to anything negative for standing up and talking about 'the choking game'
My son Samuel made that 911 call you heard when Gabriel his twin, and my son took self asphyxiation to far. A kid taught my kid to 'play' this game; I hope those who are reluctant to warn and educate on this activity because they feel 'it may put ideas into a childs head' stop and think about how ridiculous that is: I would have much rather Gabriel been warned and told of this 'game' by someone who could have told him how dangerous it is; how many kids it has killed, etc. then for him to have learned it the way he did; another kid telling him "don't worry", it's fun.. it can't hurt you.. it's not illegal...
...Colby.. thank you... you are a very smart boy...

Sarah Pacatte, Gabriel Mordecai's mom


Games Adolescents Shouldn't Play

Nadine said...

That no kind of game at all. Way to go Colby. What a good and smart young man you have.

Anonymous said...

Colbys Mom:

.... In my previous post, I had meant to tell you, along with Colby's aunt that I was grateful to you for allowing Colby to speak out; I must have been thinking faster than I could type....
Thank you,
Sarah Pacatte

OH MY #6 said...

This IS so impressive.


3D said...

Scary. Very brave of Colby to speak up and raise awareness.

Keep smilin!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

What a great kid - to stand up and speak about such a thing... yep, if he were my nephew I too would be dammed proud of him... hang on... he isn't my nephew but I am still dammed proud of him... take care

Shionge said...

Thank you for sharing this and yes, it definitely raise much awareness through this post and interview too.

Kari & Kijsa said...

we are so proud of Colby for speaking out, and for Sarah as well. Hopefully many more lives can be saved by these stories.

kari & kijsa

kerri said...

So proud of you Colby.
Thanks for making this Mom aware, I had NO idea this was going on, thank you for educating me so I can make others around me aware also.

Janet said...

I'm proud of you too, Colby. Standing up for what is right is what makes a man. Thank God that you are all right.

redmaryjanes said...

Wow, I tell you that I keep hearing about this. I am proud of you too Colby for being brave enough to be on television and talk about this incident. You may just save someone's life.

nikki said...

Wow, I haven't heard of this "game"...but I am so glad that your nephew is OK and that he is raising awareness about it and is NO DOUBT saving lives.
Also, good for YOU Deb, getting the word out where you can.

OziMum said...

Wow. Its so true. There are so many things that kids do "for fun" - which aren't really that much fun.

Thanks for sharing!

Elise said...

Wow...thank you for sharing and Colby for being willing to let his story be an example for other teens who think they are invincible. I am going to ask my girls if they have heard of this kind of thing before...