Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happy Canada Day / Special Birthday Gal!

To all my fellow Canadian friends and blog friends HAPPY CANADA DAY EH!
Click here to view the Canada Day Celebrations live. Image is being transmitted via a video camera installed across the street from Parliament Hill. You will have to use your browser's Refresh or Reload option to display the most recent version.
Enjoy your local festivities and fireworks where you live!!!

You are a remarkable woman
who accomplishes so much as a
strong woman
in a man's world
You are strong but soft
You are strong but caring
You are strong but compassionate

You are a remarkable woman
who accomplishes so much as a
giving woman
in a selfish world
You give to your friends
You give to your family
You give to everyone

You are a remarkable woman
who is also a remarkable mother
And you are loved by so many people
whose lives you have touched -
especially me
-Poem by Susan Polis Schutz

Happy Birthday Mom. We love you!


Lisa and Doug said...

Happy Canada Day to you! And Happy Birthday to your mom!

dianne said...


Journey to Mia said...

Happy Canada Day!

Shionge said...

Hey Debbie how sweet...Happy Birthday to your Mommy and Happy Canada Day too :D

redmaryjanes said...

Happy Canada Day to you too!

Lindsey said...

Happy Canada day to you and extra special happy b-day to your mom!!

Tracey & Mike said...

Happy birthday Canada and happy birthday Mom!

Janet said...

HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!! And a Happy Birthday to your mom!

Jill and Jaap said...

Happy Canada Day and happy birthdya to your mom!

Nadine said...

Happy Canada Day - Happy Birthday to your mom - lovely poem.

Holly said...

Hi! I'm Holly. I really enjoy reading your blog. Our family and I have been home for 5 months now with my mei mei. Please feel free to stop by my blog as well!