Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Happy Birthday America!

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I fell in love with this fabric when I seen it on Shannon's blog one day,(Last year!!!) I asked her where she got it and she sent me the rest of what she had, the sweet girl. I haven't had the little dress made up yet but I did set some aside to make me some new new scrubs!!! Doncha love em! I have navy blue scrub pants to go with it. I'll post a pic of the dress for our baby girl when I finally get it finished. Thanks once again Shannon!
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This is my other latest project. I have a few of these country looking signs that I have painted and put up in various places in the house. I thought this one turned out really sweet with the ladybugs!!!! I have it on a shelf in my newly painted green kitchen.

Not much is happening in the blogmosphere lately. RQ has heard rumors that the CCAA has matched up to November 14th, so right now I can just took forward to small achievements like our file getting threw the review room, and living our process vicariously through all of you who are receiving referrals before us.

So far I've only seen one pedicure gals.....I guess I'll have to tempt your tootsies with some home/spa instructions to shape 'em up will I? Well, one such temptation has the word chocolate in it!!!!! Perk your intrest yet?


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

You make such cute stuff.. You should sell them..
Great idea's..
Have a great Holiday..

Shionge said...

Hey Happy 4th July Debbie :D

What a nice fabric really and it is really cute. Love that sign too and it would be so cozy to have it around your house :D

Happy day ahead Debbie :D

Gracie said...

So glad I stopped by your blog! I love it! Happy Fourth to you to! Adding you to my blog list which is favorites! Well, feel free to visit my blog!

Janet said...

Yes! Anything with chocolate perks my interest.....:-)

Dannye said...

I never understood these spa treatments that included chocolate anywhere but in your mouth...unless...never mind better keep it PG rated...hehe

Anyway, happy 4th!! And happy belated Canada day!!

Lisa and Doug said...

Love the fabric! And I love the sign - so cute!

redmaryjanes said...

Happy 4th to you too~
I love that Cherries sign!

Lindsey said...

Love that fabric. The cherries sign is so cute. Great job!!
btw happy late Canada day to you =)

amy said...

you are sooo talented.thanks for posting the pics!

Holly said...

Have a safe and Happy 4th! I just love that cheeries sign.

Jennifer "Jenny" said...

You are very talented :) I love the top and your sign!

Jewels of My Heart said...

You are so talented! Love your sign and that darling top.

Shannon S said...

Love the scrubs! Lots of jars of bug hugs to get you through the day! =) I have to clarify that my Mom gave me the fabric...I'm not creative like you two to have fabric around the place! Looking forward to seeing your sweetie pie's dress!