Monday, December 18, 2006

Twas the week before Christmas!

If you still have room on your Christmas list ya gotta ask Santa for one of these! I use Creative in my Salon and this is by far the best IMHO collection of hand cream scents they have come out with yet!!! "Chocolate dipped Strawberries" YUM! "Chocolate dipped Oranges" smells like Terry Orange Chocolate, "Chocolate dipped Cherries" smells like Queen Anne's Chocolate covered maraschino cherries!!! I like the Cherry one the best!
I see my car is back on my ticker! YEAH! Saturday night we had our PEI China Group get together it was great, lots of people showed up, I got to see our newest addition to PEI "Mei Lin " she is a pet. It was nice to see everyone before the holidays. We had our two nieces with us at the get together and the littlest one wasn't feeling well so we had to leave early and good thing we did because we no sooner got in the door and the little dear got sick all over the place. Turns out she had the flu earlier in the week and ma and pa thought it was all over with but evidently not! She slept through the night and in the morning we got her home and she got sick again.
Sunday was our nephew Blaize's fourth birthday party at KFC. Little Desere was still not in the partying mood. Everyone had tons of fun and laughs.
Wow one week before Christmas and I can honestly say I am ready! I am so glad I did everything early now I can just do my usual work and not be stressed to the max. Actually I lied I have a little job to take care of, I have to clean up Jaclyn's room after some renovations because she is coming home from college for Christmas!!!! I can't wait to spend some time with her.

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chicknboy said...

Yumm! Chocolate covered cherry sounds the best to me too! I love the Queen Anne's cordials (dk chocolate the best) :)