Monday, November 06, 2006

I Am... I Want...I wish

This is just a fun thing to do that I seen on one of my friends blogs.. give it a try.

I am a Christian
I want a LID!
I wish our daughter was with us this Christmas
I hate turnips
I miss when Jaclyn was a little girl
I hear my tummy growling!
I wonder if our daughter is born ??
I regret my tatoo! uggg! (Pfffftttt! Tinkerbell! ugggg! What was I thinking)!Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I am not tall :o(
I dance when no one is looking !
I sing when no one is home in the neighborhood!
I cry about everything.
I am not always right :o(
I make awsome chocolate chip cookies!
I confuse humility with being humble
I need the Lord in my life.
I should exercize more
I start a diet
I finish the cake!
I Smile when I see a mommy kiss the top of her babies head! I've been seeing that alot lately since there are I think 7-8 new babies in our church and now there are 9 expecting! Lots of playmates!


Kathy and Joel said...

Loved your line about starting a diet and finishing the cake. Too funny!

Dawn and Dale said...

Cool! I may try to play along on my blog!!

Ann said...

great list...I have your tinkerbell beat. I have a very large dragon on my right thigh. Ohhh the scars of our youth..wait I wasn't that young..oops!!