Thursday, October 26, 2006

Where are all those Refurtels, I mean referrals!!!

Here are the earrings I mentioned in the last post, aren't they pretty! Thank you JoGee I Love them!
God Speed not Turtle speed!
Doesn't look like we are going to get our LID this month, so PLEASE everyone who prays think of us next month when referrals come that our LID will finally be here in that same envelope. ( For anyone who doesn't understand the long wait , it is because the CCAA will not send our LID until they stuff the envelope with referrals or other information that is to be sent to the Province, and the population of our adoption community is small compared to other Provinces , There are two couples waiting on a referral with LIDs from August 31st 2005.) I am not going to set my heart on receiving it this month so I'm holding in there, amazingly enough. I just want to be sure that we are indeed logged in and didn't get lost in the shuffle after the CCAA moved. I can't believe we are going to be 5 1/2 months before we get our LID, sheeeeeech! Sorry don't mean to sound like I'm whining. :O(
I heard someone e-mailed Bob at FOI and he said they no longer have a 1 year shelf life for immigration paperwork and that we can go ahead and fill it out and submit it . Can anyone confirm this? I'd hate to send it in too early if this is not the case.
Congrats to Natalie and Daniel! Who FINALLY got their TA. NOVEMBER 17th! You can read their story my hitting the link on my side bar that says Journey to our Daughter. It's been a long and rocky road for them. So nice to go on their blog and not have to hold our breath. I let out a big sigh of relief for them.


Anonymous said...

Hi deb, the earrings are so cute!!! And as for your long wait....It is nice to see you still have such a good sense of humor after waiting this long. But your time will come, it just takes a while for god to make the perfect match for you. Keep up the

Doris & Dan Clark said...

Cute earrings! I got my fingers crossed for you to hear something really soon. It is tough but it will be such relief to hear what the date is.

Keep smilin!

kim said...

Great earings!! I dont think I would ever take those babies out!!
WOW....5 1/2 months!! I sure wished CCAA would send you that LID!! Why the heck dont you get it like the other provinces...I dont understand!!
Anyways, I give you all the credit for HANGING in there!!

Drea said...

Hey Deb!

How do you know for sure you won't get your LID this month? Did the referrals arrive for this month already? Also, I had confirmation from someone else who is DTC in my group, that the immigration documents don't expire now either so everyone from our travel group is submitting them now as well.

Dawn and Dale said...

Hi sweetie!! You are the most patient person I have ever met!! I'd be dying if I were you and still had no LID!!

Our agency also said that for ADOPTIONS the immigration papers do not expire. Apprantly they still do for other immigration matters.

Our agency said anytime after DTC is safe and fine.

I'd start now! Took me 4 mths to finish mine!! (I kept putting it away to calm my headache!! lol)

Lee-Anne said...

Love the earings!

WOW! You do wait a long time for LID, eh?! Fingers crossed it comes next month!

ladybugmommy said...

I too love your earrings and I too sent my immigration papers in as I was told there is no longer an expiration date on those and I wanted to have it done incase i made any mistakes and they had to send it back to me for corrections.
Thanks also for your post on my is hard to believe how fast the time went by for for this baby and the time seems to be creeeping along until we have Tya...weird!

Janet said...

I heard the same thing about the immigration papers. WAITING, MR. STORK, for those refferals, and a certain LID! SPEED IT UP MISTER!

Shannon said...

what is LID? but, i'm praying for ya!

Kathy and Joel said...

You have my prayers for your LID, sweet girl. I'll be thinking about you this weekend and hoping that when the envelopes arrive next week, your LID will be in them!

Tracey & Mike said...

Fingers crossed that you get your LID soon! The waiting in this whole process can be so excrutiating! Your patience is admirable - I'm sure I would have lost it by now!

Made in China said...

My agency just announced a whole bunch of LID's yesterday so maybe you'll have yours in the next day or so!

Good luck!