Sunday, August 20, 2006

Happy Birthday Jaclyn and Lori!!

This was a photo of the 1st birthday that my daughter and sister had together! Lori received a niece on her 15 birthday!
Jaclyn of course was 1 and tomorrow August 21st she turns 19! Lori was 16... you do the math!
Tomorrow we will go to The Brother's Two Restaurant as we have done for years and Jaclyn will try to eat her piece of birthday cake in one bite! She tries everytime and gets it all over her face!
Happy Birthday! We LOVE you Guys!
I cannot believe where the last 19 years went ! Like the blink of an eye gone! By-the-way I was 18 when I had Jaclyn, and I feel so privileged to be able to raise a child again for the second time! I know some of you might think I'm crazy but I can't wait to do it again after 19 years! Back to dirty diapers, baby food, laundry up the whaaazoo, sleepless nights, bumps,bruises, broken hearts, scrapped knees,gum in hair,shoe tying , sticky fingers and ......but then there is.......... Birthday parties,storytime,Christmas morning,first loss tooth,falling asleep in our arms, hearing Mommy again (My name is now MOM)! hearing Daddy,little socks on the clothesline,bathtime,butterfly kisses and unconditional love and a sweet little smile 1st thing in the morning... oh ya!!! BRING IT ON!!!! I can't wait Posted by Picasa


Lori :0) said...

OH MY LAND! I cannot believe you just posted that picture of me! and did we really need to give hints on MY age?

Oh to be that young again! And look at the sweet little mischievious smile on my neice........doesn't it just make ya wanta pinch those cheeks! Uwwwwww

Dawn and Dale said...


Dawn and Dale said...

Ok you STILL have NO LOG IN DATE????!!!!!

That's CRAZY!!!!!

Praying you hear soon!!!!

Doris & Dan Clark said...

Happy Birthday! Wishin you both tons o' cake and hugs!

Keep smilin!

kim said...

It must've been so special to have Jaclyn born on Lori's birthday. Happy birthday to both of them!!
Enjoy the cake Jac!!!

Kathy and Joel said...

Very fun!! Came across your site tonight, courtesy of another adoption blog and thought I'd tell you how lovely I think your blog is. I'm a fellow Canuck who was DTC on July 28 and look forward to following your journey.

Lee-Anne said...

LOL! Had to laugh at Lori's comment! I did the same thing to Todd (posted a photo of him, when he was 16!)

Happy Birthday Jaclyn!
Enjoy your cake!