Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Practice Quilt and MMMMM! Chocolate

Well Here is the top of the practice quilt that I am working on, I think I'll use it in the crib it turned out better than I expected! I don't want to toot my horn yet as the assembling hasn't begun yet.
The fabric was from two people who couldn't decide on a piece for the 100 Good Wishes so they bought a pkg of fat quarters all of them matched, and all
have lady bugs!

Speaking of Ladybugs, my Sister came to my Salon the other day with a paper bag full of these sweet little Chocolate Ladybugs! I thought they were so sweet! She got them at Spinnakers Landing in a gift shop. When she told the lady why she was buying them she tried to give them to her without charging her!

Today Jaclyn and I went to Charlottetown so I could get supplies for my shop and so we could have a Mother/Daughter day out, it was nice we had the "Talk" well I mean she is 18 so we had the "Talk" again! Next month she becomes legal at the bars :o( sleepless nights for me again, I thought it was bad when she 1st started going out til 12 or 1 am. I'll get over it after the first few times... I just want to know she is home safe ya know?
We had a great talk about life we laughed and cried and laughed again, it was nice to know we are still thick.
She is still the twinkle in my eye at 18 and always will be.
Funny thing happened on the way home I thought she was going to wet her pants, she was laughing hysterically...I asked her if she tried the new Ice Cream in the freezer and she said no. I said oh! well don't bother cause it is just awful with all that chocolate and caramel syrup and mini peanut butter cups it is just disgusting! ( Smile and a *wink* with chocolate on the corner of my mouth).
( Scotsburn - Udderly Divine)


Julie said...

That's not practice, that's art! Nice job!

Kennedy's mom said...

Quilt looks great. Sounds like you and Jaclyn had a great time. Thanks for all the support you're throwing my way lately...

Elisa, Jarrod & Thomas said...

Love your practice quilt, ya know you can never have too many ladybugs!

Doris & Dan Clark said...

That is super nice! Good for you! I can't wait to start ours!

The ice cream sounds awful...you should send some to other to make sure it is as awful as you say!

Keep smilin!

Stacy said...

I'm sure we can do away with that ice cream if you have any left. It is the least we would do for you. Yummmm. It sounds good.

Your mother/daughter day sounds wonderful. I don't want to wish my days away, but I can't wait for those days. I hope I am as lucky as you.

I love the quilt top. It is going to be beautiful. Toot your horn! It is a great job!!!

kim said...

WOW...that looks so good!! Oh to be talented like you. I cant wait to see the real one done!! Great Work!!!

Shelli said...

The quilt is beautiful - great job!

ladybugmommy said...

Wow..your quilt looks great...I never got my piece to you...I am sorry. My quilt is a million miles from being done or even started. I love mother and daughter days with Savannah...nothing better. I hear you on the 19 thing...my little brother Mitch is almost 19 and I worry about him like I was his mother because I have always mothered him...he is a good guy and it sounds like Jaclyn has a good head on her shoulders too so they will be fine.

"M" said...

your quilt top looks lovely!!! :)

thanks for your comments on my blog. you are always so encouraging and cheery!! :D yes, approximately 3-4 months to go for me!

god bless.
LID 10/31/05