Thursday, July 06, 2006


I'd like to throw out a challenge to you, I was inspired by Julie*To Tess & Back* June 27th post for the cabinet and Shannon *Elena-R-You* July 2nd post for the fridge. I dare you to take a photo of one of your cupboards or your fridge. Let's just see how disorganized . . . or organized . . . or anal retentive this community is, and then post it on your blog.
My fridge is stuffed "What! I have a teenager!" See the coolwhip on the freezer door? Well it doesn't have coolwhip in it, June 30th 2004 we had a hail storm and the hail was the size of large marbles, I gathered some up and put it in the freezer just incase someone didn't see it. Never threw it out because it is like history frozen in time. Every condiment under the sun, Jam? What flavor would you like? Ice cream, yup 2 kinds. Grenadine for virgin Shirley Temples.
My cupboards I love them, so easy to just roll it out and it holds tons and takes up little space. It is stuffed too. I just hate it when I take a notion to bake or cook something and there is one ingredient missing. I think I'm pretty organized........I might be half way to anal retentive there a 12 step program for that??
JULIE whats in the bottles on the top left corner? HUMMM?? Just kidding!
SHANNON to bad we didn't live closer, you could borrow an egg or a cup of sugar any time. *HUGABUGS*
UP for the challenge anybody?


Julie said...

Hey, that bottle is vanilla coffee syrup, but I have a whole cabinet of the other stuff in the dining room that I can take a picture of, if you want! ; )

Stacy said...

Your cabinets are cool!!! I wish I had those. How much easier it would make life when I'm looking for that one thing I know is in the back some where!

How fun!!!

Lori (Mei Mei) said...

My sister......One of the craftiest people I know (and that she of the strongest people I know (without a shadow of a doubt)......One of the kindest people I know (She gets that from her Father in Heaven).......NOW to add to the list.....One of the most humblest (or do I mean weirdest?)people I know!!! Think about it who would post a picture of their fridge contents on the world wide web for everyone to see let alone admit they still have frozen hail from a hail storm over two years ago? Yup You guessed it sister!

Love ya Jei Jei!
Your Mei Mei

Shannon S said...

LOL! Yes, I guess it is a bit of a hike to borrow some ingredients! But thanks for offering! I hadn't had Shirley Temples in ages until my mom made some for my niece the other weekend. Yummy! Too funny with the coolwhip hail!

Anonymous said...

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