Friday, June 16, 2006

Promise Keeper

Everyone is waiting for something, For us it is a baby,for others it may be a job,a spouse, a rest or an answere.When the waiting is becomes agony, we hold on to the One who gave the promise and continued to wait.

This song written by Shirley and Andrew Bryce( my pastor and his wife) is why I sign each post "Promise Keepers Daughter" They wrote it while they were in the process of adopting, you can hear some of her music by clicking on her name under my Favorites.

Promise Keeper
Labour pains are closer now, we watch for Beijing's sign Your heart beats like a chanting drum, we're trying to step in time Life's on hold, take a number, stop and start again We cling to Your assurance, the Promise Keeper is His Name.

Where does Papa's love come from for one he doesn't know The typhoon rains of crying, they won't stop their flow And who turns the tap of mother love and fills her to the brim A basin full of Mama's prayers when faith is treading thin.

There's no looking back, no loking back'Cause back there ain't back there any more There's no looking back, no looking back We press on toward the Promise Keeper There's just no looking back.

We hear your voice a calling, we hear your cries at night We sence a quiet stirring of angel's strength and might Not the great wall of China nor paper castels of red tape Nor the brazen heat of Canton, nothing stands in our wake.


"M" said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) You are right. God does know my heart...

I'll follow your journey, too.

LID 10/31/05

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