Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Citizenship and Immigration Canada envelope!

Today was a great day! I woke up and I just had this feeling that we were going to have a LID( log in date) of June 14th, you know that feeling you hear about when a person has no signs or symtoms and hasn't had a test done yet, but they know in their heart that they are pregnant.... well that is how I felt today with our LID.
I hope it won't take long to find out when we were logged in.
So I went out to the mail today and our CIC was here, I don't want to open it til tomorrow..... I am afraid when I see all the paper work they will want from us it will snap be out of the bliss that I've been walking in today, so it will have to wait til the morning. Posted by Picasa


ladybugmommy said...

Mine is still sitting on the kitchen is a lot of work but the pamplet from FOI does help. we I mean Jeff.. still have some parts to fill out.

Dawn and Dale said...

It's true!!!

The package is EVIL!!!!

Mine is still sitting in it's envelope on my bedroom dresser! I really need to get on it!!

Encourage me to get on it!!!! lol

Hope your LID is today!!!!!


Stacy said...

We don't have that here. What is it about? It's more work on top of your dossier? Wow!