Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Yesterday I called P.E.I Ministry to tell them to go ahead and send our file to Ottawa for translation, we had handed in everything we needed to have to make our dossier complete.
She assured me that she would get to it before the end of the week, so after getting off the phone with her I thought ,OK she'll look at it by at least Friday of this week and would send it out on Monday. my favor the power went out in the city and she couldn't work on her computer so when she turned at her desk my file *SMILED* ;0) at her and she decided to work on it until the power came back on! !
Later yesterday I got a call from her office.......A document that was to accomidate our dossier(file) to Ottawa was not there !!!!!!! WHAAAAAAAAAAT!! how can that be I thought I had everything together,,,,,,,,,,wait,,,,,,,I thought our social worker had everything together,,,,,,,,OK, so on the hunt I went and TA DA ! There it was not even filled out in the packet we recieved from FOI, our adoption agency, Family Outreach International, clearly stated on the top of the page, -Please submit this form with your original dossier for China Submission.- UGG! how did I miss it! I filled it out as fast as I could and drove 45 min. to put it in her hand, hoping that the power hadn't come back on and that my file was still open on her desk. She had a feeling I wouldn't mail it. I asked her in hesitation if she could e-mail me when she sends the file to be translated and she assured me that it wasn't an unusual request and that she would notify when it was sent. Well with that said I could have kissed her!
I just want to track our file every desk it hits so I feel secure in knowing where it is at all times until we recieve our LID(Log in Date),( into China's puter system).
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Liam & Sherry said...

Hi Debbie

Well nothing like a little panic to let you know your alive!! Thankfully no serious delay resulted for you. Thanks for the link from your blog, we'll do the same for you.

Take care

Liam and Sherry-Lou