Monday, May 01, 2006

Tell me this is not a sign!!!

I placed an order a few weeks ago, and while I was on the phone with the company, I told them my sister was looking for donations for a

benefit and would they be interested in donating something but I didn't tell them what it was for. I was having a rough few days, I was worried that the process was slowing down because of a call I was waiting for and I prayed , prayed and prayed and a couple of days before the call came I stopped worring
because I recieved 6 bottles of this polish in the mail with my order for my salon to go towards the benefit. The word "GOTCHA" is what they call the moment your baby is placed in your arms. I felt God wanted me to know that he was taking care of this part of the process.
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Made in China said...

Ha ha! Cool nail polish name! I think it IS a sign!
Thanks for making me smile! :o)

Julie said...

That is very cool!

Anonymous said...

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