Monday, May 15, 2006

Prom Queens

Well here is Jaclyn my 18 year old on the right, with her friends Jocelyn, middle and Brittney on the left. I thought the picture turned out really nice. I was so happy that prom was a safe one this year, It is such a frightning time of year for all parents who's children go to Prom or are graduating.
The Potluck on Saturday was great we had good food and great conversations, met a few who I didn't meet at the christmas china adopt get together. It was really nice to see all the children playing together, most of them were between 2-4yrs. one of them I think is around 8-9. Next summer I hope to have ours join in all the fun.
So on to another topic, I went grocery shopping today....and diapers were on sale, Huggies ,16.98 down from 23.99, I couldn't resist, I felt weird but I couldn't pass up the deal and huh! we are going to need them anyways, so I got 22-37 lbs. if they are too big she will grow into them.

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Aunt Lori said...

Just look at my little tanned beauty niece! Isn't she just just gorgious!

Aunt Lori :0)