Wednesday, July 20, 2011


In no certain order here are some updated pictures. This is what we arrived home to! We are home safe and sound, been 2 weeks and Hunny Bunch has made this his home. He is such a happy little guy. Night time is the only time he struggles. He slept with his foster momma so he cried for her a few times but the last few nights he seems content if I just go in with him and sit on his bedside to sing until he falls asleep. Sugar Pie loves her little brother and is quick to help anyway she can! She hasn't retained any of her Mandarin but she is really good at reading his body language and he is really good at trying to make gestures to help you understand what he's saying.
Thank you Cora! I ordered the pants from her and she sent a few other treats for the little ones. Hunny Bunch LOVES to color so he's having tons of fun with Cora's Color Me Home coloring books. Sugar Pie had one from her AZ Auntie and enjoyed it too! The top for Sugar Pie is darling!

Hunny Bunch coloring.
A sweet lady at our church blessed us with this sweet digital painting of Hunny Bunch. We had her do one of our big girl, grandbutton, a wedding one of Shane and I and one of Sugar Pie so she wanted us to have one of him as well. I love this one!  

Hunny Bunch at his 1st parade. He loved it! Especially this float with the plane on it. He really enjoyed the firetrucks also and wasn't at all bothered by the sirens.

Hunny smelling a daisey.

Hunny and Sugar at Shining Waters! This was Hunny's first time at the water park. We got a season pass so it won't be his last!

Hunny's 1st trip to the beach. He was fearless!

I don't know why I love this picture so much but I do....they are so cute!

My sweet friend Kim had her momma make this for Hunny Bunch. I adore it! It's perfect for cuddling! There is a ton of work that goes into each one of these blankets. It's definitely a labor of love. Thank you Kim and thank you Kim's Momma!!! It will be treasured forever!

We had a play date last week with a local family who came here for work from China. Their son is 4, same age as Hunny Bunch. They all had a great time. I was able to ask the Mom to ask Hunny a couple of questions and to tell him how Daddy's work schedule works so he wasn't confused. This is such a blessing to be able to communicate with him threw this family.  I asked the mom if I could call her and have her translate for me from time to time and she said that would be ok with her. I"m thinking things like Dr's appointments ect. Rather than springing them on him.

Playing at the park!

Ahhhhhh! three beautiful babies. I love this picture. Our big baby girl came over and they were playing on the trampoline for the longest time. I actually video taped it cause the laughing was so precious coming from the 3 of them that I had to preserve it!
there you have it, a little update on how our little family is doing. We are enjoying the summer and having lots of fun! Have had lots of visitors and they are  still coming. We have a BBQ this weekend coming and hoping to get to the water park too!


Adrian Roberta said...

Loving the photos here....not posting much on the Blogs I'm following cuz I'm bummed on my 90 wait for LOA. But wanted to give you a 'shout out!' that I'm still here, my FOI buddy!

geminirn said...

Thanks for the update and love the photos....they are all precious.
Hey we were at shining waters last week,lots of fun.