Monday, June 27, 2011

Hi From China!

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Ok I didn’t live up to my promise to try to get caught up on my blog. It just seems we don’t have enough time in the day with the tours, late dinners and the little ones. I have been faithful to my journal though. I want Hunny Bunch to be able to read it someday and know every detail to how this trip was. Ok let me try to recap what we’ve done since I blogged last.

Day 5: Had a good night last night everyone slept well. Hunny Bunch woke up around 10:30 for a pee… ‘twas there I learned that you should always pull little boy’s pants down while they’re facing the toilet not facing you :o|. We met in the lobby and went to the Teng Wan Pavilion today. It was beautiful. I also learned today when we were in the garden beside the pavilion that it’s ok for little children to pee outside anywhere in China…after of course I turned red as a beet when Hunny Bunch peed into the water from the little bridge. Our guide told me right away not to worry. I wish I knew this when we came to China in 09 for Sugar! I think I lost 10 lbs just running for the bathroom every time she said she had to go. Mary brought us all our necessary documents tonight. We realized when Hunny goes to sleep at night he likes to play with his ears. He literally folds them and sticks them inside and they stay there, it’s the funniest thing! Sugar has been a wonderful little role model. She certainly loves her little brother. She hasn’t displayed much jealousy but there are times she needs to be reminded that she’s our big girl and we love that she’s older and can help. It’s important for her to feel significant. We pour the love out equally to the both of them but I always like to stress a little measure more to Sugar so she isn’t feeling like she’s less important or loved. I just love seeing her put her little arm around him. Makes my heart swell.

Day 6 We had breakfast and it worked much better with a high chair this time. Hunny bunch was out of reach for anything to throw on the floor and anything he didn’t want on his plate he put to the side this time. I thing in his foster home he just threw stuff on the floor and it was ok. He just didn’t know but he’s a very quick teach. He loves to repeat English words after you too! He’s going to learn the language fast. Today we went to a village outside the city to see how some of the poorer people of China live. There were very old homes. The villagers followed us around the town for a while. It was hard to see that there are people in the world who live like they do but they are very content. Many don’t know the difference. We left and went to A park called People’s Park which was very beautiful. There was a little area with a bridge and koi in the water. You could buy food and feed them so we bought some and Hunny Bunch and Sugar Pie fed them…then Hunny Bunch wanted to see what all the fuss was about and tried one too. :o)…he’s all little boy folks! I go our guide to tell Hunny we would be going on a big plane in 2 days so he would know what to expect next and he just nodded yes. Then I got her to ask him if he likes his new family and he nodded his head yes with a sweet smile on his face. It brought tears to my eyes to know he so easily accepted us into his life….who adopted who anyway hey!? Sugar keeps asking if we will keep him forever :o) so cute. When we got back to the hotel we took the little ones to the pool for a swim. Our guide dropped off our pictures from the disposable cameras we sent to Hunny Bunch a few months ago. I was glad that they took some. They aren’t great but they are a part of his past and that’s important to us to keep it for him.

Day 7 Today after breakfast we went the August 1st Park. It was a busier park that Peoples was but that may be because the time of day. There was many people taking dance lessons, doing tichi and exercising in one part and in another part there were people singing in groups. We took the little ones on a carousal ride and a little emperor ride.
They really enjoyed themselves. We came up to a little area where they were making necklaces with your name written on a piece of rice. That was pretty neat! I got one for Sugar and one for Hunny. We went to McDonalds then shopping in a 9 story mall. That was an experience! Each floor is some thing different. Went we got back our guide gave us Hunny Bunch's finding add from the newspaper. It was the actual newspaper too not just a photo copy. Up in the room the kids wore off some stored up energy from being in the sit-n-stand stroller all day. They ran around teasing each other then decided for kicks to run up behind me and stick things in my pockets and my belt hoops then take off laughing their little heads off. Then Hunny found a balloon with a string and tied me to the stroller. Lol. We also got Hunny’s Chinese passport today!

Day 8 Today we had to get up early and eat then head to the airport to fly to Beijing. The flight in a smaller domestic flight was rougher than in a big plane. Hunny didn’t want to be stuck in the seatbelt and he got a little upset but he was fine. A bit later they fed us a meal and after a few bites of food I thought Hunny looked funny so I grabbed
A little airsick bag and sure enough just in time. I got him cleaned up and he wanted to eat again but I showed him a little cherry flavored treat and he thought he would try it out and he rather enjoyed it. It was a ¼ of a children’s gravol. He was sound asleep in about 15 minutes. Just enough to finish out the flight. I think on the trip back to Canada I’ll just let him eat a little tiny bit and give him a little piece of a gravol to help with the motion. I think he’ll be fine. We got our luggage and found Vivian right away. We got to the hotel in just enough time to get to the room and get our suitcases then run down stairs to the lobby for our group picture then I had to run up to do citizenship paperwork. I ordered a stamp for Hunny with his name on it. I used Sugars to sign her Valentines! It’s a nice thing for them to have when they are older too. A bit later we got ready and headed to the Beijing Zoo. The kids loved it! I got lots of pics. My laptop for some strange reason won’t let me upload them…my last post I had to put them all in a smilebox album and published it to blogger and it worked so I may try to do that later. For supper we all went to a Steak and Egg restaurant that we went to last time we were here. It’s owned by a guy who is from Cape Breton. He moved to the States then met a Chinese lady and moved here and opened his business. I ate poutine!! It was exactly like home!! Yay! Sugar Pie fell asleep…she’s 2 for 2 now cause the first time we were here in 09 she fell asleep. Comfort food maybe? Lol.

Day 9 Today we went to the Jade factory first. I took some amazing photo’s of some huge jade pieces. We got a few things while we were there. Then went to THE GREAT WALL. This was my favorite part so far. I really wanted Hunny to experience walking it. He did better than all of us! We got him his little medal saying he walked the wall. This was Sugar Pie’s second time! I lost sight of Shane and Hunny Bunch so Sugar Pie and I thought we would catch up with them at the second pier but I didn’t see them then I looked behind me and they we only getting there! Sugar and I raced them to the top!

Shane’s Mom and Dad went a little ways but decided not to go too far. It was hot and humid and the steps were pretty steep. I was proud of them for getting as far as they did. They got a couple of nice tshirts that said I walked the Great Wall. We went back to the bus. Hunny Bunch sat with me, he looked out the window and got a little quiet. He started to whimper a bit then he cried softly for a little while and I just ran my fingers threw his hair and told him in Chinese that it was ok. He fell asleep. I knew he was thinking about his foster family and I was relieved that he was allowing himself to cry. It’s a very good sign to know he loved them so much. He will bond to us if he did to them. We already have much proof of that. He has been a happy little boy right from day 1. He loves to tease and play around, he's super funny and a real charmer too. If he’s all this already I can’t imagine what he’ll be like in just a few short months.

We miss home. I do love it here but you can only take so much. This group is a wonderful group of families I think the world of them all. Looking forward to getting home to my big baby girl and my grandbutton…I get a lump in my throat when I think of them. I miss them. I miss my mom and my sister too. Looking forward to seeing my friends too! So much to tell!

Love and hugz from China!


Anonymous said...

Great photos! Hunny Bunch is adorable! Sugar Pie will make the best big sister--she is beautiful! Praying for a good bonding and a wonderful forever family for your two beautiful little ones!
Grandma to 2 from China!

About Me said...

You're In CHINA!!! We just got back 2 days ago! I sure wish we could have met there! Sounds like Sugar Pie is being a wonderful big sister to Hunny Bunch. He sure is a cutie! Have a fun time and a safe and quick trip home.

susan said...

I loved reading your updates and everything sounds as if it is going so well! E was also a huge comfort for J. when we traveled for her and they bonded right from the first moment together.
Have an uneventful trip home and I hope you all can get some sleep on the flight.

Kennedy and Jaida's mom said...

Wonderful updates!! Looking forward to seeing you walk through the gates at the airport!! Hugs to all!

geminirn said...

Ahhh!Thank for the update and all the great photos,sounds like all is going well with the trasition..the photos are wonderful,both little ones are precious.

Dara said...

It's just incredible how he has claimed you all as his family. What a doll. See you soon :-)

Mrs. Stephanie Betts said...

Debbie & Shane!!!!!!!! Everything is sounding wonderful!! Life is so good. He's going to have the best summer of his life!! Steph :O)

4D said...

I remember so well Teng Wang and the Peoples Park! I am so glad that you are all doing so well and taking it all in.

Keep smilin!

Julie said...

Great photos! I'm enjoying reading about your journey. Congrats!