Thursday, June 09, 2011

10 more days and we're in China!!!!

Whew! 10 more days to go!!!!!!!!

@~We're at day 40 waiting for our TA. (I'm not going to worry..)
@~Received Visa passports yesterday! Thank heavens because the Canadian Postal Workers strike rotation hit our area just this morning! 11:59?
@~Today I'm getting my hair done...I can't wait!
@~Boston or Vancouver??? This is getting good!! I'm torn! I'd love to see Canada win the cup but there are 14 Canadians playing on Boston's team and one of them is from here! Which means the cup will come here!
@~I'm nesting like crazy! Gardens got weeded and new mulch put down far I'm not sore..hopefully I won't be!
@~Been walking 5 Km or more a day, these short legs have to keep up to everyone!
@~I cry at the silliest things.
@~We have 15 families in our group, some are bringing children and family or friends. With the new little ones we'll have a group of 59 people!!!!!
@~Sugar Pie is getting super excited to meet her little brother, seems to really be sinking in. We've talked about it for so long that it must seem to be taking forever to her......(It's taking forever for ME!)
@~I can't wait for my big baby girl to meet him...and my grandbutton too!!
@~Hunny Bunch we are coming sooooonnnnnn!!!!
@~Yup that's what's happening in my head right certain theme or rhythm...I'm kinda all over the place....and it's ok cause I'm EXCITED!!!!
@~ I think I'll go bake a cake for a "Smash the cake" photo of Sugar Pie.
@~Labor pains are closer!
@~Have a great day!!


Joannah said...

You'll be there before you know it! I'm very excited for all of you. :)

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

so exciting. super excited for you!


Adrian Roberta said...

that is one HUGE travelgroup!!!

Madeleine said...

Oh Deb, I am getting so excited for think I was going. :P lol

Are you going to blog in your travels? Are you going to let us see everything??!!?? I sure do hope so.

Kelly Green said...

Yeah!!!!!! Before you know it, he'll be in your arms :)
Safe journeys!

Julie said...

Wow - you are so close!!