Thursday, October 07, 2010

Catching up post!

* Sugar Pie was at school last Thursday and while they were on a fundraising walk on the trails the little one who's hand she was holding tripped and Sugar got pulled down with him...unfortunately she took the break of the was the first time she had an injury away from home. I was pretty shaken when I seen her get off the bus and wondering how the situation was handled. I called the teacher and she explained how it happened and said it was only a 1/2 hour before school was out. I know she did what she thought was best so I hold nothing against her but I sure wish they would have called right away....(she did call but Daddy took the call before I'd known what happened) .I would have been there in 5 minutes. I think if anything now that I look back on it that if a child ingures any where on their face or head a parent should be called right away. I totally understand if it's a knee or elbow or scrape/ little bruise somewhere but if it's a back or face injury a parent should be notified. Again just let me say I hold nothing against Sugars teacher. Ms. S is one of the sweetest and most genuine teachers I've ever met. She truly cares for each of the children in her class and it shows when you see the kids face light up when they walk into her class each day. I just wish I was there to wipe those tears that selfish of me?
*Well needless to say pretty much everything and anything Sugar wanted or asked was given to her all weekend..I couldn't say no when I would look at that poor swollen red face. I have to say Polysporn is a miracle cream though. She was drying up and healing in no time. We went to the apple orchard on Sunday afternoon. It was more fun this year since she knew more about what was going on. She loved picking them off the tree.
* The apple of my eye!
* She couldn't get enough! It was a beautiful fall day. Couldn't have asked for better weather.

* My birthday is next Thursday (didn't bother me turning 40 but I'm feeling the sting of 41...especially when one of the ladies at Church who I think is about 35-36 asked where my 23 year old went to school...she wondered if she knew her from there!) Apparently she didn't do well in math!...sheech! Kidding...I love her to peices....just set me back to hear that lol. My darling hubby bought me a new fancy smanchy lens for my camera. It's more lens capability than I know what to do with but it's auto focus and auto aperture is amazing as you'll see in the picture of Sugar Pie below. I need to read up on this puppy and play around with it some more. FUN! Thank you Hunny! Your the best!
* Such a ham she has become! LOL. I guess you either embrace your mothers tendency to snap at any moment or run...I think she gave up running. Finally!

*I'm taking a 15 passenger van over to Halifax for a youth group trip to see the David Crowder Band on Sunday. Should be fun. I always enjoy youth road trips. I'm glad it's not an all nighter though. Thanksgiving weekend and all.

*Sugar Pie had her second night of Sparks tonight, she needed to keep me in close range for security. I moved across the room at one point and she got pretty upset when she didn't see me. I think there is still a little insecurity there that I might leave her somewhere. Makes me sad. Hopefully she will get better as she gets to know some of the girls better. I'm considering volunteering as a leader. She would love that. Which means somethings got to give...why?...because youth group and Sparks are on the same night...I've been with youth for 4 years perhaps it's time to let someone else serve in this area for a really is a great experience. I have to put my family first now.

*Hubby's book worker called and said they were doing a mini audit on a lot of Canadian families who've adopted this year. They needed to photo copy some receipts so I carted those off yesterday. I actually heard on various yahoo groups of others who were contacted also. Apparently our accountant said sometimes Revenue Ca. will pic a line on the return and ask the computer to spit out X amount of names where that certain line was filled in and this year it just happened to be adoptions. He'll validate anything that needs to be validated.
*My Momma is all moved into her new place. It's a darling little apartment. She hasn't stayed there yet as we need to help her put up window treatments first. I have popped in to see her a couple of times but haven't had a chance to help her put them up yet. Tomorrow I have Miss K for the day (YAY!!!! I miss my Grandbutton so much! Need me some snuggles!) so I won't be able to help tomorrow then Hubby comes back from working all week in Edmonton and I have to pick him up at the airport in Moncton. Then Sunday is youth group road trip and Monday is Thanksgiving! Hopefully we'll figure something out :o(. My sister (bless her heart) is pretty consumed with school and trying to get into a new routine with that so her time is limited now too. Perhaps tomorrow night after supper or something...I'll see what happens.
*I thought it would be fun to make a cake for Thanksgiving but I'm not sure when I'll find time for that! LOL, unless it's while Miss K is here. Hummmmm maybe that will work. I was thinking a pumpkin cake with bright orange (food coloring) vanilla cake. I can make the vines and leaves like I did with the Tea Pot I made for my Mom.

*Well that's about it for updates that I can think of right off...I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families. Hugz and Lovins' to you all. I'm thankful for all of you!
God Bless you!


Kim said...

Glad that J is doing better and her face is healing WONDERFUL..
I LOVE the new lens.. I sooo want another one but know that will be in long due time..
You have been busy.. wish I was there picking the apples and eating your amazing apple crisp or whatever else you make..
Love you my Sister from another Mother..
YOU are the best..

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

Happy Birthday my friend. I wish I was JUST turning 40! You are a baby in my eyes.

Happy Thanksgiving.