Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Day and One of My Hobby's....

We're in the midst of a snow storm here today. Kids are excited to have their first "Snow Day" of the year. I'm thinking we will have to skip Mandarin class tomorrow morning too. Expecting up to 20-25 cm in total. It's not windy yet but it's supposed to pick up later today. We lost all of our previous snow from the milder weather and rain over the last couple of weeks. It's beautiful to see a nice clean layer of the pure white stuff in our yard today. Were more than ready to add to our Snowman collection!

I was pulling out some Valentines decorations and came across my Boyd's Bear Cross Stitch. I love this piece. I love to cross stitch but it's a very time consuming hobby. My time is consumed by more important things these days ;O) so I'll be laying my needle to rest...(ok wait...maybe semi-retirement). I have a project started and once in a while when I get a chance I'll pick away at it. Here are a few of the projects I've done.

Just a cute little 5x7 snowman.
This was a sampler I fell in love with! I loved the primitive patchwork on it.
I love lighthouses and this pattern especially because it is in Nova Scotia, this is Peggy's Cove Lighthouse which it located only a couple of kilometers from the memorial site where in 1998 the Swissair 111 lost control and crashed into the sea. My sister and I went there a few years ago to pay our respects.

This lighthouse took me forever and a day to finish, it almost ruined me, I just got sick of it 2/4 way threw and ended up giving it to a friend of mine to work on for me for a bit then I finished it. Not sure where this one is located but it is beautiful.

Last but not least my snowflake babies. I enjoyed working on this one. The Aida cloth had iridescent glitter in it and the snowflake tips have tiny little glass beads.
Was hoping RQ would have some good news before the weekend but it looks like we won't hear until Monday or so when the next cut-off is. Looking forward to seeing a few new little faces!


Cora said...

I love to cross stitch, also. It has been a while and I always end up giving away everything that I have made. I think the only thing I have left in my house is the stocking I made for Jim. Maybe I should make something for me one of these days :0).

Enjoy your snow I think we are done for the season here.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Stay WARM... Love all the cross stitches you have done.. BEAUTIFUL...
Have a great weekend my friend.
Love ya...

Polar Bear said...

That first picture is so cool! It that frost on the window? It looks like a piece of art! Cool!!

I used to cross stitch and loved it. You're right, it is a time consuming activity, but so rewarding. :o)

Madeleine said...

Cross stitching is one of those things I always say I want to start. But I have yet to even buy a needle. lol.

It looks so pretty, classy & homey.

I like the ones you have done so far!

I thought I would start when our babies would get a little older, but something always got in the way. My oldest baby is now 24 and the youngest is 3!

Now I think I am not having anymore so maybe when our peanut gets a little older.

Unless grandbabies start showing up. :)