Thursday, October 22, 2009

Little Butterfly

*I can hardly believe we have been home for a month tomorrow already! We have had Sugar with us for 6 weeks! Wow, where is the time going?! In 11 months I'll be back to work....gosh at this rate it will be here before you know it. It sure isn't going to be fun sending her off to Kindergarten or daycare when the time comes :O( makes be queasy thinking about it.

*As promised Kim here is a picture of our Sugar being all spicy in her Butterfly costume. Daddy was totally smitten when he seen her in it. Brought tears to my eyes seeing her strutting her stuff and daddy's eyes lighting up when he looked down at his girl in all her cuteness ;O). Jaclyn wants one for K. That's gonna be pretty cute to see!

*Sugar is getting along really well, she has been adjusting not too badly to our food. I went to an Asian food store and bought some sticky rice and a rice steamer. Man it smells nice in the house when it's cooking! She was pretty excited to see something familiar! I thought I'd give her poor little digestive system a little break from all our food.

*I had her to the Dr. regarding her frequent trips to the bathroom. Sometimes she will say she needs to go with a panic in her voice and when we get there she only dribbles. Of course you know where my head went first thing..."Melamine tainted milk". My family Dr. doesn't like to hear your diagnoses on any matter so he ran some tests and asked me to bring in some treats ;O). They came back negative for parasites which was what he was thinking. When I called to get the results I asked if I could be referred to a pediatrician. I'll know Friday if he gives me the referral. Our pediatrician is Chinese and I think it would be awesome for him to be able to communicate with Sugar. It is quite possible that when she was in the orphanage they did pee and poo runs that often...and woak them up at night 2-3 times (she still wakes up that much each night), I just want to rule out all other suspicions.
*She is doing great with her English. She can count to 10 and she knows where all the parts of her body are....except her back...we got stumped on that one when Aunt Lori asked her where hers was ;O). When she says something like she needs to pee, I say it in English and she is quick to copy me. She is a little sponge. She loves Kia Lan and Dora. She's still a little timid around Bailey (our dog) but she is picking Midgie (cat) up by the neck these last couple of days :o0.
*I have a photo album of pics that were taken at the orphanage and I gave it to her to look at one day and she carried it around with her for the longest time...I grabbed the video camera and taped her. I'm hoping I'll be able to have someone translate it for me so I can find out what she was saying. It seemed to be all about things in the pictures besides herself. Perhaps she was telling me what it was like, or that she missed her friends, or who knows. I think it will make a nice addition to her adoption video too.
*She is still pretty attached to her Baba but she has attached to me very nicely over these last 3 weeks. I think she will always be a daddy's girl but we have a special bond too. She seems more secure with Daddy when we are in public but runs to me for the necessities of life. When we are home she is my shadow! She holds onto my shirt tail most of the time. We spend a lot of time with flash cards and counting things. She loves to help out with anything your doing, and has no problem cleaning up after herself. Before she starts to play with another toy she will put the others away. Now if we can keep that habit going it will be awesome!
*I limit her sugar intake, since she threw up twice while we were in China from's impossible to cut it out entirely but trust me I'll do my best! She had cake and fortune cookies last Saturday night at my birthday get together and it took her 1 1/2 hours to get herself settled in bed from wiggling! It was our own fault so we each sat on the floor by her bed with her til she finally dozed off. That's what we have to do each night but it usually only takes 15 minutes before she is out like a light. Same thing each time she wakes up for a pee. Makes for a l-o-n-g night...hopefully when she settles in more she will make it threw the night will no need for pee breaks.
*This weekend looks like it's going to be a wet and cool one. Miss K turns one on Saturday! Can you believe it! I had her for a couple of hours the other day and Sugar was quick to help feed her and do anything she could to help out. She's a wonderful little auntie! Jaclyn is having a "Cupcake" themed party on Sunday. Should be pretty cute. Can't wait to take pics!
*The three of us have come down with head colds...hopefully we can battle it out fast, I hate feeling icky....I hate it when little ones feel icky...makes me sad that I can't make it go away with just a kiss :O(.
*Have a great rest of the week everyone!


Kristy said...

I love reading all of these stories about Sugar. She is a doll and I could just squeeze her!! You and Baba are doing such an incredible job. God is so good.

Love and blessings, Kristy

redmaryjanes said...

Sounds very similar to Sophia. Sophia has been home 3.5 months and is pretty much fluent in English. It is really amazing.
Love the little butterfly!

geminirn said...

Thanks for the update,it sounds like sugar is setteling in just fine.LOVE the photos,I think your going to have a little ham for the camera...too sweet.
Has your physician dipped her urine,could be a simple UTI?? Hope everyone gets read of the icky sniffles soon.
Hugs from across the water!
p.s.OMG i just cannot believe little miss button will be one already!

Adrian Roberta said...

Adorable photos! Great update, can't believe it's been a month already. I hope her sleeping gets beter (-:


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE ... LOVE ... LOVE..
the photos..
Jazmyn is toooo cute..
sounds like things are going well...
Let me know what color Jaclyn wants for Kennady....
Love ya...

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

She is just precious....I love her little Butterfly costume...adorable!!

Hope you get a good report from the doc and it is nothing too serious!

You all take care of yourselves and try to get a little r&r this weekend!


Shannon said...

She is just beautiful!!! Your posts are awesome. She will really appreciate them one day. Feel better soon. =)

日月神教-向左使 said...