Wednesday, October 14, 2009

40! Is This Where Life Begins?

Today I turn 40....Gaaaw! I would like to say I demand a recount but what's the sense...numbers don't lie and nor does the experience I have behind be. Would I go back to 30 now? No, I wouldn't. I have grown, stretched and realized no matter how hard I tried to live my own way I couldn't do it without my best friend and confidant Jesus. For 40 years the Israelite's wandered threw the wilderness......after I turned 39 last year I started to pray that God would take me threw my wilderness and get me to the riverbank. Like the Israelite's I was trying to do things my way and in my timing. This year that past I worked through a lot of stuff in my heart and mind. God revealed some pretty complex things I had to deal with and overcome before I could walk in freedom. I'm not saying I'm completely healed but I will say that I'm happy I'm not where I was. It might be coincidence but the proverbial saying "Life begins at 40" may stand true in my case. So here's to turning 40! Might I just add I don't feel a day over 33. ;O) Young at heart forever!

Saturday evening we will celebrate surrounded by friends and family over Chinese food at my favorite restaurant. My wonderful husband gave me a Canon 50D with all the bells and whistles for my birthday. I have lots to learn about it and can't wait to take some really nice pics. He also bought a photo session with a local well known photographer. I'm looking forward to our first family photo!!! My mom gave me new Tink slippers, 4 really nice hard covered "Company's Coming" cook books and some candles. My sister got me a sweet picture for my wall that goes with the collection of other ones from the same company, I love it.

My Grandma came for a visit yesterday to meet Sugar Pie for the first time. She is 89 years old and is healthy as an Ox. She still has her licence and drove here from 1 1/2 hours away! She was welcomed with a hug from Sugar (which is not something she freely gives). She showed Great Grammy her bedroom and when my Grammy seen the Welcome Home balloons she started to hit me all of a sudden that this lady has been praying for me since I was a baby and has seen my life it must have impacted her to see just how God answered her prayers. To see this woman weep truly humbled me.

Had Sugar to the dentist for the first time yesterday too. She did really well. The dentist said her teeth looked great and he didn't need to see her for another 6 months. Today we have our first Dr. appointment, hope it goes as well as the dentist! Wish us luck!


Sherri & Todd said...

Deb - Happy 40th Birthday!! I hope you have a great one! And the pictures are GREAT!!!


BrOwN CiRcUs said...

Happy 40th! I just hit that milestone last month and still can't believe it!!!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Happy Birthday Debz...
I was hoping that I would be hitting my 40th in China or at least have a referral (in November) well, I guess that all good things come to those who wait... hugs to ya.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Happy 40th girly..
I sooo understand what you mean by turning 39.. I will be 39 in March.. and I am truly having a hard time with it.. I will lose it at 40.. but now that I just read your post... WOW.. maybe my life is going to get better.. Looks like you had a great bday..
Congrats to Jazmyn on her dentist..

Special K said...

Happy Birthday Debz!
Let me just say... I hope I look as fabulous at 40 as you do. :)

Lesa said...

Happy Birthday dear friend! You don't look a day over 30. ha
Enjoy 40; I did! Now at 47 I'm still having fun!

Good to hear that Jazmyn's dental app. went well. I worry about Evan with all the cookies and candy he gets away with.

geminirn said...

Well I must say you look fabulous at 40(happy Birthday)you must have inherited your Grandma's (young looking)genes,isn't it wonderful that Jaz was able to meet her.Love the photos,glad to hear all went well at the dentist and hope all goes well at the Doctors office as well.

Kayce said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!!! I hope the year is filled with joy and love!

Melissa said...

HAPPY HAPPY belated B-day! I am Melissa Cobb, sister to Al & FOrd Morgan from
Yes, we have the same b-day!
Keep in touch!
Thanks for your wishes to me!


Sandra said...

Happy 40th to you! Forty is fabulous (or so they say; I will find out next year!)

3D said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Keep smilin!

Madeleine said...

wOw, what a beautiful way to welcome your birthday.

With Jesus at your side.

Happy Birthday! You don't look a day over...ummm...can I say late 20s? lol

Praying your walk in HIM gets better everyday.