Friday, September 04, 2009

Today's Post it Brought to you by the Number 8!!!!

8 More days to go!

Today is my last day of work for a year. Yesterday it started to sink in when I sent an e-mail out to some clients thanking them for their buisness and support through the last 4 years. I know I'm only gone for a year and we live in a small community which means I'll see them now and again but change is sometimes hard....I'm not saying that it's a bad thing or negative in anyway, I just think it's going to take some adjustment on my part. I went to youth group last night too and have been with these youth every Thursday evening for the last 2 1/2 years.....every chance I get to go (if hubby comes home early) I'll be there but I'm thinking it won't happen for a few weeks in the beginning. So yea....I think I'm grieving a tiny bit. Each change in our lives takes stretching and sacrifices all of which I am more than willing to do for our daughter.

If I feel this way about a couple of little things that I can control I can't begin to imagine what Jazmyn will be going threw as she transitions into her new life with us. Everything she knows is about to change an she can't control it. Things won't taste the same, smell the same, routine will be totally different, what she wears, plays with, people in her life, the language..ect. With a LOT of love, support and prayer I hope she will feel at home with us in no time.

I'm looking forward to so many things. I have a play date already planned with a couple from our church who have 2 little girls. We are going to Harvest Days at an apple orchard. Harvest Moon Festival will be another thing we will look forward to. I'm looking forward to some pretty simple things too like setting another plate at the table and having someone lick the spoon when I make cookies again! Jac was always game for doing that when she was living home! I'm looking forward to play dates with Jac and Kennady, Jazmyn and I, watching the two of them play. Taking Jazmyn for walks on the beach is going to be fun. She lives no where near a beach so this will be her first....there will be lots of firsts and wonderment will fill her little eyes. Making our first snowman...she lives just below Russia so she has seen snow before and knows what cold weather is like. I can't wait to watch her play dress daddy's eyes light up when he sees her dressed as a butterfly fairy! ;O) and when she dresses up like a bride and asks her daddy to marry her like most little girls do. The one thing that I can't wait to see is the first time daddy holds her and she rests her little head on his big broad shoulders.....that right there will bring tears to my's a vision I have dreamt of seeing since we first started this process. The joy that fills my heart when I think of all the little things is beyond explanation. It still feels so serial. Tomorrow it will be a week before we this might be starting to sink in finally!

Well I'm off for a full day's worth of work. I hope it's a light one compared to yesterday.

Friends of ours have been gracious enough to give us the lend of their camper for Saturday night so I think a good way to start my weekend will be with some R&R and a good adoption book ;o)

Blessings on your day!

Ps. Has anyone who has BTDT had any trouble with blogger while in China? Did you use "Free Proxy" and how did that work for you? Any advice? If I have trouble I'll just have one of my friends who offered to help out do it for me.


Kris said...

I lost track of your blog a while ago (had you in bloglines, you disappeared)-so cool we'll be in China at the same time!

Email to blogger works GREAT- set it up!! I've already tested a post from home :O) Go into blogger to set it up. After I set up my "blogger" email address (it prompts you for it)- I just saved it in my contacts for email so I'd never lose it.

Try it out and see what you think. Only drag is that it only uploads small pics but no big deal, they can still click on them and then they're big :O)

Kayce said...

Eight days and counting!! Enjoy your weekend of relaxation and reading.

The Drinkwaters said...
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The Drinkwaters said...

We were in China getting our daughter in May. We could access blogger using a proxy, but were unable to post any picutres. My two pieces of advice are:

1) Always type up your post in Word first and then save it. Then you can copy and paste into your blog. Often the proxy will time out and you can lose your whole post. You can also then print these posts off easier to go into your daughter's life book later on.

2) Have a back up person/friend who you trust with your blog account and password. We emailed our pictures to a friend and she posted them for us. That way if you can't get on, you can send your posts and pictures to a friend through email and they can upload them for you.

So excited for you and your husband! Only 7 more days until you leave. Have a wonderful time, try to get as much rest as possible before travelling (Although this is practically impossible - your mind must be going a mile a minute, I know mine was).


Briana's Mom said...

I wish I had advice about blogging from China. My hubby set up a special proxy for me (cause he is a computer geek) and I had no problems posting at all. I lucked out. ;)

8 more days! Yeehaw!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

8 days..
I was crying in this post.. I am sooo excited for you my friend..
Shane and you are going to be AMAZING..
you are getting sooo close..can't wait to wake up every morning and see what you guys are doing..
love ya..

geminirn said...

ONLY EIGHT MORE DAYS....YEEHAWWWW!!!!Enjoy your weekend!!!


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Oh gosh Deb....I can't believe in one week you are going to be in is almost surreal!!

I wish had the BTDT advice.....Worst case scenario, maybe you could have someone that you could email and let them blog it for you!!

Enjoy your weekend....and you better get some R&R cause you are in for a big month!!

Love and Hugs,


Shannon said...

8 days!!! Not long at all! Finally back online again and ready to "join" you on your journey to your little girl!! =)