Monday, September 21, 2009

Hi everyone, Big Thanks to Carolyn for helping me post to my blog!
Yesterday: Well this will be an anniversary I'll never forget! Yesterday we stopped first at the Jade factory which was full of beautiful figurines. We had to make a dash for the bathroom first thing which is always an adventure in a public place in China. I think I explained in a past post how fun it is straddling a toddler over one of those squat pots. It's a true art let me just say! We walked around and looked at some stuff then we were off to the Great Wall.
There are so many photo's I don't know which ones to pick! It was a great day but a long hard one for a toddler. We got out and our guide gave us instructions and off we went with the determination to reach the top. Shane carried Jazmyn for quite a ways up the hill then she thought she would try and off we went to the very top! My poor legs were like cooked noodles!!!! They were sooo wobbly! The wall is really steep in spots ( your so right S. Betts!) and some of the steps are high and some are really low, then there is area where it is just stone walkway. Once we were at the top we bought little commemorative medals proving we did it...I think Jazmyn deserves mine! She totally walked DOWN the wall all by herself with neither of us picking her up! I was thinking a few times I was just going to give up and slide down a banister cause my legs were going to give out! Shane did well too, he wasn't bothered by the incline/decline...perhaps my calves are too short I don't know ;O). Jazmyn had a ton of spectators following her taking her picture. When we were at the first landing a guy took a picture of the three of us , I was holding the local news paper from home. (They like to publish pics of local people holding the paper in different parts of the world.) Oh and listen to this...what an example Jazmyn is to me...I mean just taking time to enjoy the little things, she didn't care that she was on one of the 7 wonders of the world, but when she seen a butterfly and held it by the outside wings so that she wouldn't harm him she certainly cared....she ever so delicately let it go after careful inspection. The butterfly flew away unharmed. (Lori, isn't that beautiful! Did you know that about butterflies?) It was so sweet. How many times do we rush to get things done and we miss out on the little things that give us joy. That little girl was so filled with glee when the butterfly flew away it totally slapped me upside the head cause I was certain the thing was going to be torn in half when she picked it up! We went to a little coffee shop and Jazmyn was a little fussy so we gave her a granola bar to keep her entertained while we waited for the rest of the group. She actually doesn't do well if she is not tired in the bus, they don't have to wear a seat belt here in China...(which is truly ridiculous if you have ever been here! know what I'm saying!)
So to keep her from wiggling, kicking and screaming away from you we feed her little things like Cheerios, gold fish crackers, granola, and little sugar free candies. Well with all the excitement/munchies and the walk then sitting in a HOT bus the poor little tike power chucked all over herself and baba. Now that was fun to clean on a moving bus! Gaaww!
After the Wall we went to the Cloisonne Factory to see all the copper vases and ornaments and wall art. It was really interesting how they make it. I got an ornament for our Christmas tree. We ate upstairs in the restaurant. Shane was feeling a little overwhelmed with all of the rushing here and there so it was good to sit down and have a rest during supper. Once we finished that we headed to the Olympic Stadium aka Birdsnest to have a quick look at it and the Aquatic Centre too. Jazmyn had fallen asleep so I stayed back in the bus while Shane went to take some pictures. Jazmyn woak up and was whimpering a bit then started to cry "Wha da baba ahhh" which to me translated into "Where's the Father at". She was looking for him and crying hard. This was so sad she then started to say something else and I couldn't make it out or even ask the usual questions Shway? (water), Naeh Naeh? (need to pee) or La Ba? (need to poo), finally I was able to get her attention between sobs and me wiping the biggest tears you'd ever seen and I asked if she needed to pee...she said yes so off we went. It was quite a hike to get there and when we did.....low and behold another squat pot...(some bathrooms DO have a regular toilet...not that you would ever want to sit so hey your squatting anyways!) I pulled her pants down and seen why she was so upset. This girl has been with us for a week and hasn't as much as tinkled in her undies, I felt soooo bad, she had pooped. I took off her sneakers and pants and removed the undies to clean her up, she was 100%convinceded I was going to bathe her in the squat which was going off every 2 minutes cause the sensor caught me moving around. Finally we got her cleaned up and headed back to the bus. I sat on the seat and Shane had been back from taking pictures. I sat at the window and looked outside quietly bawling my eyes out inside while a stream of tears poured down my neck. My poor little girl tried so hard to tell me she needed to use the washroom and I couldn't understand her. This sort of thing must be so incredibly frustration for her. I guess it's normal to have these little meltdowns as a parent too. Some of the other ladies shared their meltdown stories with me. It was a comfort to know I wasn't standing alone. So today was a little rocky in spots. It was nice to get Sugar into a nice bath and into bed. Baba had to go to the store to get Mama some lemon for my sore throat. I had a nice long bath and prayed for our day tomorrow and for the other people on our trip. I really missed talking to Laura, the lady I met in Jazmyn's province. I can't wait to get back to Canada so I can go check out her blog to see how the rest of her trip went.
Today: We got up and got ready to go to breakfast. Jazmyn wanted to eat Cheerios and goldfish crackers while we got ready but I knew it would spoil her breakfast so I managed to hold her off. She is still coughing so we hid her cough meds in her grape juice :o) (Hey Jac! It worked for her!!!.) The chef came over and told us our daughter was beautiful. He said he once found a baby in the "rubbish" and he picked her up and took her to the hospital and wanted to take her home but the doctors said her heart was not good and so he had to leave her, so since then he really has a heart for children.
At 10:30 we went to the indoor market a block away to get a stroller. We got a few things and headed back to the hotel to eat dinner then off to the Summer Palace. We walked her in the stroller and that lasted about 5 minutes before she decided she wanted to use ....yes the off we went again..(we always stray from the group them have to go on the hunt!) She then decided it would be more fun to push the stroller.....she was banging into everyone. So we pealed her off and she reluctantly obeyed. She walked up and down steps and little landings. Many times she wouldn't let me hold her hand and would bolt off in another direction. This little girl I tell you is going to keep me young and fit just so you know! Gaaaw! LOL. I don't mind, she is worth it ;O)
Summer Palace is very beautiful. We walked around it and took some pictures of the architecture.
We got to go for a ride on the dragon boat. Jazmyn really enjoyed that. Took a nice picture of the Marble Boat, it was built in the 1700's! Amazing! I wish they would let you go inside! I would have loved to see it!
On the way back we stopped at the Silk Factory. It was very cool to see how everything is made from a worm! We couldn't resist and got bed-set. Then went into the clothing spot and got Jazmyn a couple of Chinese Silk dresses and one for my Grandbutton who I miss so much! Hi Miss K! Nana Loves you!!
Jazmyn has been sleeping witha pashmina scarf at night for the last few nights, it's lighter than the blankets they have here and I prayed a blessing over it so trust me when I say she REALLY did sleep better with this than the sheets they have here but really it's all about the soverenty of our Lord, and I just believed Him for it while I held it and prayed.
Tomorrow we are off to the Forbidden City and the Pearl Market. It's going to be another busy day for our little girl. It's so hard to get in all the sights when we know it isn't like we can just come here anytime but she would be just as happy if we found a little park with swings and a slide. It will be nice to get home...we are ready for it.
Thank you for all your wonderful comments, we are missing home like you wouldn't believe so they really are our only connection to you cause I can't access my facebook or blog but I can recieve the comments from both blogger and facebook on my Blackberry.
Please continue to cover us in prayer, Jazmyn is still coughing, Shane is a little stuffed up and I am nursing a sinus cold with . I felt achy and took some cold-FX so hopefully that will help. The air is incredibly dry in the hotel. Also if you could lift up another couple who came with us...they got here and the child they had been referred was more than they could handle so they went home empty arms. I don't want t o share any of the details they could just really use the prayer support. I can't imagine how they must be feeling right now.
4 more sleeps and we're heading home!!!!!!!! I can't wait til you all meet her! She is definitly more amazing than we ever could have drempt. (Kim G your dream was bang on!) This journey had tripled my faith in my Lord. God is so good....He really really is!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

OMW... sounds like you guys are having sooo much fun..
Sorry to hear you are not as well as you could be but you are doing sooo well.
I am sooo excited to see you at home with your baby girl..

a Tonggu Momma said...

Yeah! So glad the transition continues to go as smoothly as possible. And I had a total meltdown in China, too. Totally normal. Have fun and huge that gal close.

dena said...

wow i love reading your blog everyday i feel like i am there with you guys i cant wait to meet your sweet one i have something for her

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

You are all certainly having quiet a few memorable adventures... hope you are all feeling ok...
I am sure that in time... things will be fine... hugs to you all... take care

Iris said...

Hanging in with yiu and praying straight ahead.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

What a great update....sounds like you are all doing so well!! I love what she did with that little butterfly....that is the sweetest!!

My heart breaks for that family.....I will pray for them and the child. What a difficult decision.

Enjoy the rest of your trip...and keep those pictures coming. It is so awesome to see you guys as a family:)



Kayce said...

Great update!! The pictures are perfect too! Glad all is going well. You continue to be in our prayers.

geminirn said...

Praying each day that the transition for your princess continues to get easier.Hope you guys are all feeling better sad it is for your travel mates to return with out a child my heart goes out to them.

I love the family photo and pleased that your day has gone well.

hugs from Saint John

Sherri said...

Great pictures as them. My favorite is the family photo at the Wall. Hope you guys are feeling better? And we contiue to keep you all in our Prayers.

Anonymous said...

God gives the best gifts - what else is there to say?! You are allready amazing parents for your little girl - the fact that you ache to understand and provide for her needs speaks volumes. Love you guys and am praying for your health and the rest of your journey. Kim G.

Anonymous said...

From: Lori Howatt:
AMAZING! and No I didn't know that about a butterfly! You know the butterfly symbolizes transitioning into something new and beautiful, just like your guys transitioning into a new beautiful family!!!!

ahhhhhhhhhh, God is so Good isn't He!

Love you and MISS you, can't wait til you get home!!!!

Chris, Tammy and the gang! said...

Hi guys!
Sounds like things are going as well as can be expected. Remember not to be too hard on yourself (with the language barrier) - even though you didn't understand her need to go "poo" you showed her she could trust you to care for her by quickly getting it cleaned up and speaking calmly to her and comforting to her.

Building trust and attachment happens through MANY, DIFFERENT situations...not every situation is perfect, life is not perfect. Loving your child through each different experience is how you will create healthy attachments and trust.

Every day gets a tiny bit better. Keep enjoying all the moments you can!

take care,

Lisa (Briana's Mom) said...

I love hearing all your stories of China and Jazmyn. It really sounds like you are all doing great though. I had several meltdowns in China - I think it is the norm! Love all the pics!

Anonymous said...

Hey Deb (lil sis here) Did you notice that on the picture of you guys on the great wall holding the paper the word "Dream" is in the title, then directly to the right ( behind) Shane's head is the word "Dream", I found that rather ironic concidering your LIVING A DREAM out right now!!!!

~~HUGS~~ Lori