Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I have a Fairy Godmother!!!

Yup you heard it right! It actually caught me a little off guard when the lady at the post office came out of the back room. I was thinking I was collecting a letter that I had to sign for buuuuut she comes out with a package and announced that if anyone didn't believe in a "Fairy Godmother" that they can believe it now cause I got a gift from mine!
LOL ! ;O) I got in the car and then it hit me. THIS sweet friend we all know and love has been asking every day for the last week or so if her little surprise has showed up for Jazmyn. I was so overwhelmed when I opened the box and seen the sweetest and most darling little "Butterfly Princess" costume....I couldn't even get it all out of the box without running for the Kleenex.
It was sooooo thoughtful of her to do this and she had no idea what it truly meant to me that it was a "Butterfly". The day Hubby and I went to the province to receive our referral I had a CD going in the car and "Butterfly Kisses" from Bob Carlisle came on and Hubby said he had never heard it before...he hit the repeat button all the way to the Provincial Office which was an hour away. Now each time he hears that song or sees anything with a butterfly he thinks of his little daughter in China. I can't wait to see this daddy hold his "Butterfly" in his arms...especially with this little number on! Thank you Kim. I choke up every time I see the vision in my head of his eyes dancing when he looks at her.
She got it from THIS site in case anyone is looking for one. I'd never heard of her until now. She has some sweet stuff......if I went on her site I would have picked out the EXACT same items that Kim sent!
There was a Tutu with a Gerber daisey on it and a wand with a daisy, a little bell and curly ribbon, a butterfly halo with curly ribbon hanging from it, butterfly hair bow, daisy hair bow, 2 crystal bead bracelets, and a pair of darling butterfly wings. It is truly the sweetest little costume I've ever laid eyes on. Thank you sooooo much!!! I LOVE IT! There will be many a blogworthy picture with her wearing this!
16 more sleeps!
PLEASE pray our TA shows up really sooooonnn!!!!


Cora said...

Kim is the best! Love the butterfly costume, so cute! It is such a special time for you!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Don't you just love Fairy Godmothers... mine (as you know) was an Anne of Green Gables godmother :) Hahaha

Sherri and Todd said...

So now I got choked up when I read that Daddy can't wait to hold his butterfly. I love the Butterfly kisses song - it's been around forever and is just beautiful. I can't wait to see Jazmyn in that.


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

I sooo CAN NOT WAIT to see sweet Jazymn in her little butterfly kisses outfit with Daddy holding her.. and dancing..

redmaryjanes said...

Oh yes...Kim is fabulous! She finds the coolest things. as we know it. said...

So beautiful, what a wonderful Gift!

Lesa said...

This is so sweet! I know you guys can't wait to see her in it.

Come on TA!!!! It is time!!!

kerri said...

Beautiful gift from Kim, I can't wait to see Sugar in it!!
I will pray for that T.A. to arrive pronto. ;)